The music listed here are selections that have continuously opened my heart over the years. There are literally thousands of compositions both in New Age music as well as Classical which you will find inspire, lift and heal you as the energy moves through you.

Aeoliah - Angel Love
Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos - Chant
Enya - Watermark
Halpern, Steven - Comfort Zone
Halpern, Steven - Dawn
Halpern, Steven - Gifts of the Angels
Kitajima,Osamu - The Source
Kitaro - The Best of Kitaro
Kitaro - Silk Road
Kitaro - Millenium
Kobialka, Daniel - Moonglow
Lanz, David - Cristofori's Dream
Lanz, David - Return to the Heart
Lynch, Ray - Nothing Above My Shoulders But the Evening
Lynch, Ray - Sky of the Mind
Nightingale - Night Dance
Oldman, Coyote - Tear of the Moon
Rapfael - Music to Disappear In
Rapfael - Music to Dissapear In II
Williams, Anne - Sky Dance
Windham Hill - Sanctuary ( selected artists)
Pachobel Canon by any artist / orchestra


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