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You Deserve A Present

Tis the season to be jolly, and to a significant degree, people are more inclined to be jolly, more patient, more giving, more inclined to party, more loving, more pleasant, more nice.

Yes, to be sure there is bitching and complaining by those that bitch and complain.....cause tha tís just what they do.

As a subscriber to this newsletter itís a sure bet that you are finding something of a -more nice- nature this time of year. It is big time gift giving time for many. Me thinks one would have to be brain dead not to get a rush of excitement and pure joy shopping for and giving to that special person(s).

Here is the kicker; It is set up that the cut off date for jolly and - more nice - is January 1st......and we wait for the next season to be jolly............and have -more nice- once again. It is a whole year before greetings of... have a merry, and have a happy enter the vocab.

Who sets it up that way? Guess. You got it. It is a collective agreement of the masses. Are you part of the collective masses? If so, what is to keep you from having more jolly and - more nice - way before and way after the traditional season?

ZILCH! Think about it. If you do, you will empower yourself to go beyond a fixed degree of jolly and........- more nice -. If you think about it, you will be open to accepting one of greatest gifts you can give yourself. Yes, whether you are in a gift giving mode or not, the following is one of greatest gifts you can give yourself.

Accepting of it will cause you to be jolly and have -more nice- more of the time way beyond the traditional season. Think you can handle it. If you can handle it, the payoff is more of the moreness of life where moreness is lacking.

Here it is:

THE GREATEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF IS.......... feel less irritated about that person or situation in your life that, when you think about him, her or it, irritates you like hell. To feel less irritated about that person or situation translates itself into more jolly and having -more nice- in your personal and professional life. You will not be able to avoid more of the moreness of someone......... or something.

The sooner you get less irritated about whatever or whomever is irritating you.........the sooner you attract more of the good life that irritation repels.

Sure, easy for me to say, you say, thinking it may take a miracle for you to feel less irritated about the someone or something that irritates you like crazy. A miracle? No big deal. What do you think you are.....chopped liver? Hey, you are a miracle worker.

Here is the easy part. There is nothing you have to do. There is only something you need to realize.

Meditate on, contemplate on, ponder on.........the following

I realize that feeling less irritated about (name whatever or whomever it is) will surely enhance my life in a greater way.

I also realize that I may have some doubts about my ability to pull it off. But, wait a minute, I AM GREATER IN CONSCIOUSNESS THAN ANY IDEA OF FEAR OR LIMITATION. Of course, I remember now. It is only my finite sense of self that lurks in the shadows of my mind that is ignorant of my divine nature that insists I am limited in my ability to bring less irritation in my life.

HELLO! Finite sense of self.......get this:


My realization that I AM GREATER IN CONSCIOUSNESS THAN ANY IDEA OF FEAR OR LIMITATION causes any doubt I have about my divine nature to disappear into the nothingness from whence it came.


If you wish, instead of -less irritated-, substitute less fearful, or less worried, or less limited,or less struggle, or less whatever.

Should you accept this gift to yourself, you can expect a miracle.
Wanna bet?

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