There is a state of awareness whereby you discover that you have been duped, sold a bill of goods, hypnotized… believe that your happiness and peace of mind, your personal and professional success and well- being, depended upon someone or something other than your own creative magnificence.

There is a state of realization whereby you ‘get’…. that needing to have someone in your life for you to feel complete only attracts relationships to keep you needy, keeping you from expressing the completeness you already are.

There is a state of SELF- completeness whereby you cannot help but experience being surrounded by totally accepting, totally supportive, totally ‘cool’ and loving people, without having to compromise one bit, one iota, one inch, one enth, one degree, one hair, one particle, one anything.

There is a state of mind whereby you automatically extract from the limitless possibilities that are available to you under any circumstance, ideas and opportunities that enhance your life in greater and greater ways.

There is a state of understanding whereby you have absolute clarity that one of the perks for being made in the image and likeness of God is that…………. whatever is necessary to bring about greater peace and harmony, abundance where there is lack, you have now, have always had, will always here. It’s a package deal that comes with the territory for just ‘being’.

The directions for accessing more of your natural state of being is encoded, DNA like, in your invisible essence. To break the code requires only that you remember. Remember what? Remember that you are a magnificent expression of that which you are made in the image and likeness of.

There is no getting away from it, you are made of 100% pure God. You are not all of God, but God is all of you. Get used to it!

Tune in to your magnificence. All else follows. Wanna bet?

Happy trails,



  • Harvey Cohen, Ph.D., author, lecturer and television host, conducts self-discovery seminars for personal and corporate growth. He has inspired countless thousands to greater heights of success, creativity, love, self-acceptance and joy. His books include:The Incredible Credible Cosmic Consciousness Diet, For Weight Loss and World Peace, The Optimism Factor, 11th Commandment -Thou Shalt Lighten Up!, Don't Give Up! and more. If you have not experienced the wit and wisdom of Harvey Cohen, You are in for a treat!

    Harvey's unique and impactful manner for communicating universal truths will inform you, thrill you, motivate you, and free you to live your life in the most joyous and prosperous way. His books and tapes are used World-Wide as self-empowering resources by doctors, therapists and educators for their patients and students, as well as by organizations for increasing creativity and production.

    At the center of all recurring struggle, lack, and frustration are deeply rooted false beliefs, finite in nature, that habitually reinforce a sense of helplessness and inadequacy.

    Harvey Cohen's strategies for dismantling self-limiting finite false core beliefs are awesome in its effectiveness and remarkable in its simplicity. He facilitates learning skills for translating the dramas of daily existence into the language of self-empowerment.......where consciousness expands until translation occurs without even taking thought. It becomes an automatic state of mind, a constant intuitive awareness revealing realities beyond lack, fear, and limitation....appearing as abundant supply in all its forms, dispelling every illusion of fear and limitation.

    If you have not experienced the wit and wisdom of Harvey Cohen, You are in for a treat!

    If you do not believe you can have it all, then you get to choose how much less than all you will have.

    * You are greater in consciousness than any idea of fear or limitation.
    * Life is like a bagel. The longer you take to enjoy it, the harder it gets!
    * Whatever is required and absolutely necessary for the full realization of your personal and professional already have.

    Harvey is an Empowering Caregivers featured expert, learn more about Harvey