“Given the present level of awareness in world consciousness, a physical response to terrorism is necessary, if only to protect the country from further acts of violence. Just as a physical illness usually requires physical treatment. However, our collective consciousness determines how we conduct the physical response to terrorism. If we are focused on addressing it with justice, responsibility, love and clarity, then we can take care of the problem without killing other innocent people, and avoid extending the conflict further. If we react only with anger, revenge and recklessness, then we will certainly fan the flames of violence even more, and sow the seeds for death and destruction indefinitely.” Deepak Chopra

Love is from which we rise from our spiritual selves…we as a nation not only have become vulnerable as a result of the tragedy, but we have become more expressive and loving to those around us. As a nation it is important that we reflect on the destruction of tolerance and hate that exists not only in the terrorists but within our own nation…our races, religions etc. Most importantly, we must also look at our own prejudices, hatreds and resentments, which may have been dormant within ourselves and are now blossoming into full bloom. It is a well known fact that politicians, government officials and major corporations all benefit from war but it is the people of the country who lose.

To “suffer” is teaching us to understand how others have suffered in their own countries. Hopefully we are awakening from a deep sleep, from self-absorption and opening to ways of connecting with others in our own personal realms as well as a nation to other countries.

It is time to think and feel…it is a time to work through justification but not revenge. Our government and political figures will have to look to themselves, as we must as individuals who are apart of this nation. We can say God Bless America…why not God Bless the World? Why not move towards compassion and understanding for other cultures and countries? This is the time to embrace all peoples of the world….

We as individuals and we as a nation can no longer react…It is time to take responsibility for fostering inner peace from ourselves first… this power of love within us can be harnessed as the Dali Lama, Martin Luther King and Gandhi all spoke of…. Where there is love there is peace. Fear is the absence of love. Love is the real power…it is time to heal the soul of America.

Please take time to still yourselves in your own energy even if only for a minute several times throughout the day to make sure every one of your thoughts and deeds nurture yourself, those you care for and humanity. Repeat: peace, harmony and love several times. Your intentions and vibrations coming from your heart will not only radiate from within for your own inner being but also go out to the world as you touch those in your lives on a daily basis.

From this tragedy allow the Higher Power to guide us to peace, joy and love. He will serve justice as it need be.

Patti St. Clair has written a wonderful article under “Caregivers Concerns” and we have several new articles that will be of interest to you as well. Our expert columns also have new articles, so without further adieu, I wish you all….

Richest Blessings to you on your journey.



  • Ms. Mitchell began her full-time caregiving experience in the early eighties when her husband was diagnosed with cancer. Later on she became the primary caregiver for her father, along with her mother who had become critically ill from burnout prior to her dad’s passing. In recent years, she cared for several friends with AIDS while continuing to care for her mother and actively providing support, information, referrals and resources for caregivers.

    Gail's leadership on the Internet and her success with Empowering Caregivers led her to found National Organization For Empowering Caregivers (NOFEC) INC in 2001.

    Prior to founding NOFEC, she created the iVillageHealth Chat: Empowering Caregivers, which she hosted for over 5 years. Within a month of hosting she created Empowering Caregivers: www.care-givers.com in 1999 as a resource for caregivers around the globe. Over three million visitors have frequented the website.

    She has presented at national and international care-related conferences and programs and has been a keynote speaker for many programs as well.

    Ms Mitchell has assisted thousands of caregivers online and offline in ways to empower themselves in their roles in caring for loved ones.

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    Gail has discovered that there is life after caregiving: She has become a successful ceramic artist and installation artist. She created Crystal Illumination Art to bring the transformative quality of illumination, light and color to the human experience and celebrate its ability to inspire, heal and nourish our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.