My vision for the A.D. Members and their families is that with my 14 years of experience as a Long-Term Care Insurance Consultant, that I am able to encourage you to Plan, Prepare, Protect and Face Reality against the very HIGH RISK of needing some form of Long-Term Care Services. The long-term care services that you or a loved one may call upon some day vary from Nursing Home Care, Home Health Care, Assisted Living, Personal Care, Adult Day Care, Respite Care, and Caregiving Support. Without looking into all of the available options, and by not taking the time to plan accordingly then you or a loved one may be faced with serious financial, emotional, or physical devastation. Additionally, if you happen to become a Caregiver, as I have, you may also face many emotional breakdowns that may affect other areas of your life within your family structure and job performance. The KEY POINT is to take the time to plan now before it’s too late. Today, there are only limited ways to pay for long-term care services in our Society. Primarily, the only three ways to pay for these services in our Country today are Cash (Yours), Public Assistance (If Your Broke) or Long-Term Care Insurance – (Other People’s Money). Additional facts and figures also shows that there is a growing number of Families and Employers concerned about Eldercare issues in the workforce. Again, these issues may be in any areas of financial, employer-employee concerns, emotional, physical, or just supportive.

Long-Term Care Insurance is not for everybody – but it is for everybody who has either income or assets (or both) worth protecting. 70% of retirees (65 and over) will require some sort of long term care before they die (Nursing Home, Assisted Living Facility, Alzheimer Center, Adult Day Care or Home Care). Regardless of which one they’ll need – it’s going to cost a lot of money! How would you pay for it?

Consider these facts outlining why this current and growing need of long-term care services has to be addressed:

Before 1900, only 1 in 10 people lived to age 65.

Today, 9 out of 10 people live to age 65 and beyond.

The fastest growing segment of our population is the group over age 85.

For those that reach age 85, there is a 70% chance that he or she will need Nursing Home Care.

3 of 4, or 75% of all Seniors 65+ will need some form of Home Care During their Lifetime.

For every person in a Nursing Home, there are 4 people who receive care at home. (Caregiver Burnout)

67% of Children who become Caregivers become clinically depressed.

By age 65, 10% of the population already has Alzheimer’s Disease, or a similar form of irreversible dementia.

50% if women age 65 and over will spend time in a Nursing Home before they die.

33% of men age 65 and over will spend time in a Nursing Home before they die.

70% of all couples over age 65 will have one Spouse spend time in a Nursing Home before they die.

The average stay in a Nursing Home is 2 ½ years.

1 in 5 of those in Nursing Homes are there 5 years or longer.

The average cost of a Nursing Home in NYS is over $70,000 per year – ($90K+ NYC Metro)

The Odds are very, very high, that you will need some form of long term care services in your lifetime. Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Centers, Alzheimer Centers, Adult Day Care Centers, or Home Care Agencies are in the business to provide these services. The only problem is their services have to be paid by someone, and that someone is usually you until you “spend down” your life savings to poverty level. Just think about if for a moment. When you really look at it, the most obvious, sensible and economic way to pay for the services you may need in the future is by purchasing Long Term Care Insurance while you are healthy enough to qualify for it. Do yourself and your family a favor. Take the action to preserve what you have worked a lifetime to accumulate. Look into the benefits of Long Term Care Insurance for you and those you love while you are healthy enough to qualify.

I hope my vision I have for you and your loved one’s becomes enlightening and fruitful for you as we all learn more about A.D. and related Eldercare Issues. If you have internet access I encourage you to research the related important links on my Web Page ( which I dedicated to the memory of my late Mother who spent the last 13 years of her life in a nursing home from her age of 57.

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