Albert Einstein is quoted as having said, “the world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”.

These days, everybody is aware of the social, environmental, emotional and spiritual destruction that penetrates every aspect of our life.

Although we all ‘know’ this reality, we have funny ways of dealing with this knowledge.

Some look the other direction, “If I don’t see this homeless person laying in the gutter, then he isn’t really there.”

Some pretend it doesn’t exist, “It’s not possible that they kill women and children, so it cannot be so.”

Others convince themselves it’s not really their problem, “Let the people in the Middle-East kill each other, it doesn’t affect me.”

Some say, it’s not their responsibility; “I pay my taxes, so the government should take care of that.”

Still others like to complain about the situation, “In the old days it was better, today everyone is corrupted, they should have…”

The common thread in all these reactions is – inactivity.

The result is a terminal disease called apathy.

The only cure is taking action.

Someone has to start and lead the way, creating a better world.

What about you?


You know what is wrong.

Take a moment and make a list of all the things that are presently wrong in the world.

From extinction of rainforests, warfare, poverty, violence in schools to favoring your work over your family.

Make this list as complete as possible.

Then take a look at it and get horrified for a moment.


You know what can be done differently.

Take another moment and change your energy.

Think of all the possible solutions to any of the problems you have just raised.

Don’t censor yourself. Just write down anything that comes to mind.

Immediately your energy increases once more.


Now ask the vital question, “What is it that I can do?”

What can be your first step?

Any action will do.

Write it down.

Commit yourself to do it. Starting now.

How does it feel inside?

If it looks like fear, name it excitement.

How does it feel now?

OK, stop analyzing, brainstorming, planning.

Go out there and do it!


I can hear you think, “I can’t change this world alone?”

Do you really believe it?

Take action and people will follow.

Most people are afraid to take initiative. Even when they

realize that there is a problem, and even when they have a possible solution.

People are afraid to take the risk and be visible.

People are afraid to make a mistake or look foolish.

Most people prefer to sit in the familiar shit, than to risk the unknown…

But something different is happening as soon as you are willing to become visible.

Suggest a possible course of action, and start doing it.

Immediately the people around you will become confronted with their indifference.

Some will support you, some will object. But the apathy dissipates.

Those that support you, take them on board.

Make them partners in your vision, let them choose their level of participation, and let them do it their way. All you have to do is keeping their eyes on the purpose and direction and from time to time whisper softly in their ears: “you can, you can, you can.”

Those that object to your movements, can be handled in two ways:

You can either let them be, and go your way.

Create as large a distance as possible from them as you can, otherwise they will drain your energy with their constant criticism, complaining, inactivity…

Or you can try and move them. Confront them with their resistance, the prices they pay for the choices in their life, the possibilities they miss. It is hard work usually – ensure that it’s not taking you away from your task at hand.

For now, let’s focus on those who do come aboard.

So you’re the captain now.

Here are the basics of leadership from the heart:

* You can only take people as far as you are.

If you wish people to go further, you have to go further.

* As a leader, people look up to you – you become a role model.

All you need is to be authentic. Nothing else.

* Develop patience, compassion and sense of humor for others, as you’ve been there before.

* Your highest goal should be continuous growth – yours as well as others.

* Dealing with challenges is your bottom line.

Perceive each difficulty as a new challenge and express your creativity and wisdom in handling it.

* Get in contact with the bigger picture.

Meditate, contemplate, and create your own life vision.

* Leadership from the heart is about doing it together.

Everyone should be partner to the vision.

* Take responsibility for your situation.

Stop the futile practices of hoping, excusing, blaming and shaming.

* Empower people for a better world.

Ask more questions; give fewer answers.

* Operate from personal power, cooperation and friendship.

Drop the use of force, authority and status.

To make this world a better place you can start with simply taking care of one thing and nurturing it. Let it grow. Let others see you care.

And ultimately, if it is not enough or if it is too late, then we go down – but at least we go down trying. We go down knowing we did not waste our love and our life.

If you don’t want to waste your life and your love – what are you going to do?

By Nisandeh Neta


  • Nisandeh Neta - trainer and success coach. Start living each day at a higher level of success, passion and fulfillment.