Once again, it is the end of the year.

A time for completion of the past.

A time for contemplating our vision for the future.

Traditionally, this season is the time when we make our new-year’s resolutions.

“I will stop smoking this year”, “I will take more time for my family”, “I will read more books”…

However, this year, I would imagine, you’ll feel as though you are being called to act upon something higher.

We’re living in an exciting period.

Human consciousness is expanding so fast that the future is no longer predictable.

In the past, in order for a visible consciousness evolution to take place, we needed hundreds or maybe thousands of years.

In recent years, we have witnessed quantum leaps in consciousness in intervals of years and sometimes even months.

If this statement doesn’t seem credible to you, take a moment to investigate.

Just relax for a moment and think about who you were just 5 years ago.

What were your dreams and wishes? What were your fears and worries? What were your fundamental beliefs, opinions and points of view about yourself, humanity and the world around you?

Now take a look inside and ask yourself the same questions about who you are today.

You’d be amazed of the difference.

More and more people are moving into self-exploration.

Workshops, spiritual practices and therapy are not anymore a New-Age hype.

In our workshops and programs most of the participants are business people, lawyers, doctors, scientists and other professionals who were traditionally educated (like me) to observe and trust only the outside objective reality.

And they all eagerly participate in processes and programs that allow them to explore, trust and understand their inner subjective reality.

This shift from dependency on outer-objective reality to the exploration and understanding of inner-subjective reality in order to co-create a new – more satisfying, more fulfilling, more friendly outer-physical reality, is a major shift in consciousness.

Those who know me, even those who object to my teachings, know – I’m not an ‘air-head’ nor a ‘bliss-ninny’.

I’ve worked my ass out there in the scientific and business world. I had my successes and I had my failures and yet, when I look at every single situation I experienced in my life I know (I don’t assume, I don’t believe, I don’t think or feel – I know!) that I create my own reality.

I also know I have a purpose in this life, and every step I take, brings me closer to that purpose.

And teaching thousands of people, I realized that each one of us has a purpose in this life.

If you are aware of your purpose or not – it doesn’t make any difference.

And as Richard Bach wrote, “How would you know if your mission on earth is accomplished? If you’re alive – it’s not”.

But don’t take my word for it.

I don’t know enough to prove it to you.

But you can!

Just tell yourself – “There is a purpose for me being here this time. I have a mission. Even if I don’t remember what my mission is – it is still there, waiting for me to accomplish it.”

Now, re-evaluate your life from this perspective.

Look at your past experiences and see how they connect together in perfect harmony – people, events, circumstances, insights – how they all were perfectly orchestrated to bring you to this moment in time.

Now, look at your future from this perspective, and commit yourself to reach for the highest in yourself, as there is no other way to accomplish your mission.

Fear, doubt, frustration and other mind-fucks are just dragons you need to slay on your way to complete what you came here to do.

Need some company?

The time of great teachers, masters and gurus is gone…

Now it is time for enlightened friendships.

Everybody has something to teach you.

Make sure you choose those that live what they teach and learn from them.

Not even “officially”. Just by being with them, hanging out with them, experiencing their way of life.

Make contact with someone you think you can learn from.

Choose to come closer, and allow others to come closer to you.

Share your wisdom, your experiences, your past failures and successes – your lessons.

I believe that human consciousness is moving now from night to morning.

The dawn is rising slowly; the first rays of the new sun are already penetrating everywhere.

Some of us already notice it; many still choose to focus on the darkness.

In a few short years, we won’t be able to overlook the light anymore, but until then, we need guides, friends and elders, that will be there to point their finger to the light, saying “look – it’s there, just open your eyes…’

If you already see the light, make yourself available to those who don’t. With humbleness, humility and service. Not with force and preaching but with softness and compassion.

If you’re still probing in the dark, allow your intuition to lead you to the right guidance.

Maybe a book, or a teacher, perhaps a friend.

Look for love, softness and compassion, not for rigid dogma and fierce preaching.

Ask for uplifting, inspiration and empowerment and allow your intuition to lead you to the guidance you need.

It is a beautiful period to live in.

Strive to be happy.

By Nisandeh Neta


  • Nisandeh Neta - trainer and success coach. Start living each day at a higher level of success, passion and fulfillment.