Are you worrying about how something important to you will turn out? I know the answer. You’ve got to believe me.

I dreamed that a friend of mine had just gone through a painful breakup with her boyfriend. She felt devastated because she had thought for sure this fellow was the man of her dreams and they would be together for life. Now she was heartbroken and discouraged, and feared to face her future.

In the dream, I was telephoning my friend from two years forward in the future. From that vantage point, I knew what had happened since her breakup. Her future was already history to me. During that time she had met a wonderful man, they had married, and she was very happy. The breakup was of no consequence now; in fact, it put her in a position to meet this fine fellow.

On the telephone, I told her, “Please listen to me. I know this sounds crazy, but I am seeing your life from two years ahead of where you are now. I know what will happen because, from where I am standing, it has already happened. Within the next two years you will meet an awesome man and be happily married. You’ve got to believe me.”

I awoke from the dream feeling deep bliss and fulfillment. There are many levels and kinds of dreams; this one was an inspirational vision from a higher power. Beyond the message for my friend, I had received a universal lesson. God could call any of us up and say, “Please listen to me. I am standing in your future, and I can tell you with perfect assurance that the thing you are worrying about now is utterly meaningless. Everything is going to turn out all right, and you will have everything you want. You’ve got to believe me . . .”

One day when I had just begun to present seminars, I was driving to a program and I began to feel nervous. What if my presentation flopped? What if people did not like me? What if my anxiety undermined my skill? And on and on. Then another voice popped into my head with a profound statement that helps me even now. It noted, “You always get nervous before a program, and the program always turns out great. So why bother worrying?” Instantly I relaxed and let go of my fear. The program was a success, and since that time I have approached my presentations with a sense of knowing that all is well and everything will turn out fine.

At one seminar, a young Jewish woman tearfully told of a painful relationship conflict she was struggling with. She was in love with a Muslim man, but her father forbade her to see him. This created a deep quandary for her, since she could not reconcile her love for this man with her desire to honor her father’s wishes and keep harmony in her family. She went on to wrestle with this issue for a long time, and returned to another seminar a year later, still distraught.

Then, several months later, she mailed me a copy of a letter she had written to her father. The letter was a masterful communication filled with honesty, clarity, and compassion. She told her father that she loved him very much and appreciated all that he was to her, but she had to follow her heart and be with the man she loved. As I read the letter, I realized that this woman had finally claimed her power and made a loving stand for her truth.

A year later I received a beautiful photo of her wedding, and a few years later I received another photo of their newborn child. Meanwhile, her father came around to support her. This woman’s joyous resolution represents thousands of journeys I have been privy to in my seminars. I see so many people stuck, confused, or fearful about what will come next. Eventually they somehow handle their issues, and the universe gives them a hand with the details. I have seen this process so often in so many lives, including my own, that when I offer counseling, I can assure my clients that somehow things will work out. Their job is to get out of the way and let it be.

And not only do things somehow work out, but the process of getting to that point ultimately empowers them more than if the challenging event had not occurred. So every piece of the jigsaw puzzle fits.

A Course in Miracles tells us, “A happy outcome to all things is sure.” That’s a big chunk of truth to bite off if you are accustomed to fearing that if you do not control every detail of your life – and perhaps the lives of others – things will fall apart. But when you let go and trust the process, things usually fall together. The Course also tells us that it takes great learning to realize that all events, encounters, and experiences are helpful.

So here I am, two years into your future, telling you that that thing you are worried about will turn out fine, and every step in the journey will be an integral one. You’ve got to believe me.

By Alan Cohen


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