Why You Should Heal Yourself

I find so many people today who put their faith in doctors. Who say “The Doctor will heal me.” This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Its true that the doctor can prescribe ways to heal symptoms of a disease, but they don’t heal the root cause. In eastern medicine, the philosophy is that disease occurs first in the mind (emotional/mental beliefs), then it manifests as a blockage in the Spirit (aura/soul body), then finally manifests in th physical body as disease. To truly heal yourself, it is important to heal the limiting/less-than-Love beliefs from your being. There are many ways to do this, which I will list below. But first, Why Should You Heal Yourself?

Healing yourself brings about a higher vibration in your aura, which attracts to you more higher vibrational situations infused with Love, Peace, Prosperity, Joy and Health. It attracts to you people who live these virtues in their everyday life. Enjoy these as gifts from the Creator.

Complete health is totally within your reach. All it takes is conscious awareness of your belief systems, and then the intent to change them to the highest vibration of Love. When you do this, your body will come to a complete state of health, regenerating your body quicker than it ages, allowing long life to pursue your dreams. Happiness is your divine birthright. Enjoy life. Learn to Love everything (which includes yourself), and you will find peace in this realm and the next.

Healing your belief systems help you to remove blocks to manifesting your goals and dreams. These are your divine birthright. You deserve them in every way shape and form. The only thing holding you back fom achieving your dreams is you. Remove the blockages to achieving your dreams, and you will find they flow with grace and ease in to your life.

Healing yourself helps to reduce the stress you feel in the world. You may be faced with the same situations, but they won’t stress you out anymore. You will come upon an angry person, and instead of being taken over and affected by their anger, you will look at it as a cry for Love and send them that Love which in turn heals that situation.

You will have better relationships with your family, friends and co-workers. Healing yourself means finding a higher vibration of Love which in turn lets you see the Love in all people. You will find peace and forgiveness with your friends, family, and acquaintances.

Healing yourself heals others. When you heal yourself, you release tension from the Universe,, which brings a higher state of relaxation for all which helps others release tension which brings about a more relaxed state for All. Healing yourself Heals All. Loving yourself is Loving All. And Loving All is Loving yourself.

Healing yourself brings about a better world for you and you kin, and all that dwell on this Loving Planet. You find new ways of living that are environmentally responsible, that bring Love to all people, which in turn betters the world for all people.

There is a Global Shift in consciousenss right now. It will bring about Unity Consciousness (the concept that we are all One) which will bring bout a peaceful world where all live in harmony. To facilitate this shift smoothly, it is important to release outdated beliefs that no longer resonate with the world in this hightend state of Love. Healing yourself will help this process go smoothly and effortlessly. You will be brought to a higher state of Love, you are the one who gets to choose how easy it is. If you don’t heal now before your life takes a turn for the worse, it will bring you to a place where you are forced to choose betwen Releasing the Past (forgiveness) or living out your days in a state of disease. Releasing does not have to be painful, it just requires that you change your belief systems to one of a higher Loving vibration. You can do this. I have faith in all of you to do this. It is simple.

There are many ways to heal your self, these are some suggestions to get you statrtd:

1. Get Reiki/Energy Healing done. This provides you with the inertia to effortlessly release your old beliefs. It removes blockages in the Spirit to help you move forward with your life, and living a more Loving exsistance. If you feel called, Learn Reiki or other Energy healing systems such as Sechim, Chi Kung, etc.

2. DNA Activations. If you want to raise your vibration, this is one of the easiest ways to do it. DNA Activation connects the strand of DNA that science considers to be “junk DNA” to your DNA to create a 12-strand DNA molecule. This helps you connect to and anchor in the higher frequencies of spiritual energy to attract to you more high vibrational situations. You can do these for free at the Stage II attunement sections of http://www.thewaveoflove.com/.

3. Forgive yourself and others. By forgiving, you are releasing the past. There is no need for guilt, shame, fear, anger, hatred, or punishment. God does not punish, God Loves. God heals. Ask the Universe for healing, and it will be granted. Forgive yourself and others, and you are truly releasing the past so you can live a better now.

4. Get Soul Retrieval from a trained healer, or read the book Mending the Past and Healing the Future with Soul Retrieval by Alberto Villodo. His book teaches you step-by-step to heal your original wound that caused a part of your soul to leave you. You then retrieve that part of your soul, there by becoming whole again. This brings about many changes in cluing more energy, more Love, being less affected by negative emotions of others, and allowing you to fully step into your power and manifest your perfect destiny. The book also includs destiny retrevial to learn about the contracts you made to come in to the world, and then rewrite them in to a new contract which helps you acheive your goals and ambitions. More info at http://www.thefourwinds.com/.

5. Journal everyday. Journaling helps us connect to our subconscious by letting out on to paper the emotions we are feeling. Have a gratitude journal and journal about the things you Love and are thankful for. Have another journal where you channel your negative emotions into, and then burn those pages that you write after you write them, there by transmuting your negative emotions into positive ones. I guarantee you will feel lighter and more joyous after each session. It only takes a little time a day to do this, but the outcome is so worth the time.

6. Look into Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the art of organizing your space. It allows for better flow of energy in your work and home environment. My friend told me once, the more your room is cluttered, the more your mind is cluttred, and I have found this to be true. Cleaning your house helps you clean your mind (and vice versa). Search for Feng Shui, and you will find many sites ready to help you on your journey.

7. Getting Hypnosis done can allow you to become conscious of patterns that you may have repressed that no longer serve you. You release these thoughts/emotions and become free of them to truly live a more happy life full of grace. There are many Hypnotherapy practitioners who can help you along your way.

8. Envision a better future for yourself and the world. See the Highest level of Peace, Love and Harmony in all things an hold that visualization for as long as you can. Because by doing that, you are manifesting the energies of that new reality to come down, and it will eventually unfold with grace and ease. Envision yourself working at your dream job, you can have this. You deserve it! Visualization it the key to manifestion. Use this power for the greatest good of all and you will be rewarded with the gifts it brings.

Light and Love to you all,

2007 – Patrick Arden McNally