Are you reaching your full potential in your personal and business life? When you stop the nonsense thinking, you recapture an enormous amount of time and energy and get on with accomplishing all that you desire in life. Your consistent achievement sends your confidence through the roof and you discover your true potential. A great many of you practice physical exercise; if you add the following mental principles to your exercise repertoire you will begin to enjoy the success you deserve. The world awaits your greatness.

1 – Intention. Intention is desire in action. Without transforming desire into an intention you are left in a scarcity consciousness; a keen awareness of what’s missing. Having an intention sets a focus for your mind to lock onto, until you reach your desired destination. Where there is no intent, there is no purpose and no action. A meaningful intention is one where you, and many others, benefit from the process as well as the outcome. Meaningful intentions are the most likely of all intentions to manifest because they are filled with the power of passion, purpose and love.

2 – Awareness. Before you plot a course, you must first know where you are presently. Becoming a non-critical witness of your thoughts and behavior gives you great awareness and self-knowledge. It is vital that you observe yourself in a loving, non-critical way or you will not be interested in continuing this pursuit. Know there is greatness within you. Gently direct your awareness to this fact and be open to seeing this, for the mind will always attune to whatever you are open and willing to accept .

3 – Attention. What you think about expands. Attention is the fertilizer that brings thoughts into material reality. Therefore, it is essential that you put the light of attention on what you want vs. what you don’t want. Grow the fruits of the harvest vs. the weeds. When you develop this discipline, you become the powerful director of your life.

4 – Appraisal. The quality of your life is greatly affected by the level of your reactiveness to events, circumstances and the behavior and opinion of others. The goal is to avoid being blown off course by reactiveness and become aware that you have the ability to appraise people and events in a way that serves your intention. This realization offers empowering freedom when adopted.

5 – Acceptance. Accept the present as it is, simply because it is what it is and it doesn’t serve you, or anyone else to fight it. Acceptance sets the stage for forward motion. Once awareness and acceptance are achieved, you can quiet the critical, doubting mind and open the door to the creative, unbounded mind which observes far more alternatives and choices.

6 – Belief Expansion. Most of your beliefs are not yours. They were generated largely from parental, religious and societal influence. Children must surrender to these influences as they become familiar with the new territory of life. Developing a healthy, questioning mind, stimulating your creative imagination, using visualization techniques, and employing strategies which “cause” successes, however small, make belief expansion possible and enables you to form your own belief structure.

7 – Self-Acknowledgment.
You were born with just the right talents and gifts; rejoice in them. Self-acknowledgment brings you to self-love and a willingness to see your own greatness. You were likely “given” the belief that it is selfish to put attention on yourself. Many of us stumble along trying to do good things for others from a position of weakness. By putting attention to yourself first, you fill your own cup to overflowing and then, giving from the overflow is effortless and joyful. If acknowledging your own greatness is difficult for you, know that your family, friends, clients and the world deserves the very best you.

8 – Cancel/Replace Techniques. Negative self-talk is an enormously destructive habit. Like all undesirable habits, you must interrupt this continuous cycle. However, before you dismiss the negative self-talk, first seek whatever insight it may offer (see awareness and acceptance above). From then on, whenever you become aware of your negative self-talk, interrupt it with a trigger word such as “cancel” or “next”. Canceling the negative thoughts alone is insufficient. You must direct your mind’s attention to the inspiring thoughts of a meaningful intention.

9 – Dynamic Meditation.
Culturally we are hypnotized into endless and constant action. We are masters at DOING and see little value at BEING. A bridge for the Westerner is dynamic meditation, where the individual can use active techniques such as visualization and mental rehearsal which are so popular with athletes today. This form of dynamic concentration opens the door to deeper states of consciousness. The benefits are numerous and include stress reduction, reduced heart rate and blood pressure, increased energy and stamina, and strengthening of the immune system. If the health benefits aren’t motivating enough, consider enhanced mental clarity and focus, increased patience and understanding, and expanded creativity and intuitive ability, yielding greater achievement personally and professionally. Be the Tiger Wood’s of your industry and enjoy greater wealth and happiness.

10 – Congruency. This is the alignment of your entire being. When you are in a state of alignment with your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical nature, you enjoy a smooth, unencumbered flow and realize your intentions effortlessly. When you mix spiritual principles with mental ones, you come to realize that all limitations are self- imposed and your potential is truly unlimited. You cease to appraise events as good or bad, but enjoy using all information as food for further development. You become incredibly grateful and experience the perfection of the present moment. At this stage of your evolution you shift to a new awareness; that success no longer needs to be pursued but is attracted to you by the person you’ve become. The person you’ve become is no one other than the person you were born to be, unencumbered by the good opinion and beliefs of others.

John Felitto


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