The observations we make with our five physical senses are so powerful, they convince us that external reality is the only reality that exists. This false assumption causes us to incessantly push ourselves to DO more and to HAVE more. Our physical environment becomes filled with more things, but our inner BEING is left unfulfilled. This inner emptiness drives us to double up our efforts to try and DO more. Although less obvious, our inner world is another true reality which seeks the deeper fulfillment of calmness, ease and peace. When fulfilled within your BEING, you tend to want less, need to DO less and ironically, attract and HAVE more! Furthermore, you have the presence of mind to more richly enjoy all of what you DO and HAVE.

So let’s downshift from the incessant rushing and take a moment of mindfulness to review the following principles. If you are attracted to living these principles, avoid trying to implement them. Trying causes stress, which is counterproductive. Simply put your attention on one principle a day. These principles are within you already. Your gentle attention will evoke these truths from within your heart and become increasingly present in your daily awareness.

1. Love
Love is the only true emotion; everything else is a reaction. Going beneath the roles we play, that is, boss, co-worker, sibling, parent, etc., we shatter the illusion of separateness and realize that we all have the same basic needs — to be cared for, appreciated and loved. Being aware of this, we see the connectedness that unifies us all. This thing we call love goes beyond the romantic definition and speaks to all that is pure and positive. Call it God, universe, higher-self, it matters very little; the fact remains that this power is the ultimate expression of totally pure, unconditional love. It is within all of us and we have access to it through the simple action of intention.

2. Gratitude
When you focus on what you have vs. what’s missing, you shift from scarcity to abundance. The universe is complete; nothing is missing. By simply aligning with this abundant completeness and having gratitude for what you already have, you open yourself up and attract more and more.

3. Non-Judgment
Let go of the need to judge or label anything. This includes yourself, people and events. Instead of judging people or things as good or bad, consider processing it as valuable information. This information can then be applied toward whatever goals or intentions you have in your life. If a salesperson does not make a sale, s/he will ordinarily judge that as “bad” and will likely judge either her/himself, the client, the product and/or the company as “bad.”

By removing the label and seeing the event as valuable information, the salesperson gains from the learning experience which will bring her/him to the next level of professionalism. In doing so, one conserves an enormous volume of vital energy. When you cease to label the people you encounter, you become more compassionate and understanding of others and yourself as well.

4. Being Present
Being fully in the “present” is truly a “gift.” It is a gift to yourself as well as others. You literally create your future with your present thoughts and actions. When you are fully in the present, you have 100% of yourself involved, and remain alert to the opportunities which are present. The people you encounter subjectively sense whether or not you are fully with them. This has a great impact on the quality of your personal and business relationships.

5. The Law of Resonance
Current scientific theory supports the notion that our essential nature is nonmaterial and composed of vibrating energy. If you had two pianos in a room, whatever chord you strike on one will cause the other to vibrate the same chord. Your thoughts and actions carry this truth. If you carry love within you, you attract love to you. If you carry pity, hatred, anger, resentment you attract that as well. Love everyone, including those who are difficult or who you sense have wronged you and you will not only do that person a favor but everyone who encounters that person. Commit to love everyone unconditionally and you will find, over time, that your life will be totally void of disturbing relationships and filled with loving ones.

6. Authenticity
Fully accepting and loving yourself and your wholeness allows you to be 100% authentic. This means being fully responsible for yourself. Most of us think of responsibility as what we should be doing, or living up to someone else’s standards. Responsibility means having the ability to respond, that is, trusting your feelings. Realize that there is nothing to fix. Being authentic is simply BEING who you are. This authenticity is highly attractive and draws people to you who are on the same page so to speak. That means that your life will be filled with effortless relationships. When you stop doubting yourself and stop living up to the expectations of others, your inner self-talk shifts from How am I doing to How can I help? There are over 6 billion people on the planet, plenty of candidates for personal and business relationships that are natural and effortless.

7. Deserving
You are born deserving of all good things. Look at a newborn baby. Is it worthy and deserving of love and happiness? Of course. Are you worthy and deserving of love and happiness? Of course. Know that if you think not, you have accepted a lie within your belief system from something or someone outside of you; an interpretation from an external source. Connect within the source of your spirit, which is complete, and embrace your worthiness. If you still have doubt, look at your baby picture and think this through again.

8. The Law of Least Effort
Trying hard comes from fear and doubt and causes you to draw from the limited resources of your intellect. When you apply the law of least effort you draw from a much larger pool of resources; the creative faculties of imagination and intuition within your inner conscious mind.Trying hard bypasses the natural processes of incubation and illumination where inspiration is drawn. Least effort means less tension, anxiety, controlling, and more ease, trust and faith.

9. The Law of Giving and Receiving
Giving and receiving form a circle of energy which is incomplete if either aspect is missing. Give whatever you want. If you want more money, help people make money; want more joy, create more joy for others. Know that in order to fully give, you must be able to fully receive. Many spiritually minded folks often shy away from receiving, particularly material wealth. Material wealth is an aspect of this abundant energy circle of giving and receiving. The difficulty lies when you become overly attached to it or horde it; you stop the flow. By circulating your wealth, you create more and more for all to enjoy. Finally, open to giving to yourself. Honor your own worthiness to receive or no one else will.

10. Faith
By “keeping the faith” you express trust in yourself and something higher. You begin to surrender to process vs. being impatiently obsessed with outcomes. It is a knowing that your desires and intentions, or something better, will arrive when they are meant to. Faith develops when you incorporate these principles into daily living. Only direct experience will reinforce this faith. Once experienced, you are released from the finite limitations of trying and enjoy the infinite abundance of all which is already there. It is then that you fully understand that less effort attracts more.

John Felitto


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