Taking part in the Secretary’s Challenge doesn’t mean you need to put your entire life on hold so you can find time to get some physical activity. And, just because you have a disability doesn’t mean you are unable to participate. There are plenty of activities you can do right at your desk, or even with a disability. Read on for some great suggestions.

Note: Individuals may need to adapt these exercises to their ability. Consult your doctor first.

Head (Bends):
Gently bring head down as far as is comfortable to your chest and hold for 15 seconds, then lift your head up focusing eyes on ceiling and hold for 15 seconds. Next turn your head to the right and hold for 15 seconds, then to the left and hold for 15 seconds.

Arms and Shoulders (Elbows front/back):
Lift shoulders as high as you can and press them down as far as you can. Place your hands on your shoulders and elbows out to the side. Bring elbows to the front trying to touch them together. Bring elbows back as far as you can. (8 times) .

Arms and Shoulders (Elbows up/down/circle):
With hands aim your elbows out to the side and move them up and down four times quickly and four times slowly. Next make large circles in the air with the elbows four times in one direction then four times in the opposite direction.

Torso Side Stretch (Arch):
Lift your left arm straight keeping it near your ear. Take a deep breath and exhale from the waist while moving your arm like a rainbow or an arch towards your right side reaching with as straight an elbow as you can. Return to center as you inhale, change arms, take a deep breath and repeat to the other side. (4 times) .

Torso and Hips (Churn Butter):
Use the image of churning butter as you make large circles of the torso as if your head and torso were a stick. Attempt to lift each hip and buttock as the body moves around, reaching your chest as close to your legs as you can. (Rotate 4 times to the right, then 4 times to the left).

Stomach and Waistline (Forward Bend):
Reach up with both arms as high as you can, keeping elbows straight, then bend forward as low as you can, aiming to touch fingers to floor. (4 sets).

Back and Thighs (Knee to Thigh):
Bring a knee to your chest and hug the knee with both hands as close to the chest as possible. Aim your chin to your knee, then your nose, your forehead and lastly your right ear to your right knee and your left ear to your left knee. (4 times) .

March in Place:
March lifting leg from hip (10 sets) .

Leg Rise:
Raise lower leg out straight (10 sets) .

Ankle and Foot:
Tap foot on floor (10 sets) .


One set is working both the right and left side. Increase sets over time.