Do you remember what it feels like to scratch your fingernail on a chalkboard? Ooooooo! Of course you do. Just the thought gives you a piercing sensation right down to your bones. Yet, it was just a thought, not reality. A memory from the past that had nothing to do with the present became your present experience. How about that?

You can be sure that whenever you feel stumped with a problem it is because a ‘belief’ memory from the past recalled a sense of inadequacy, otherwise you wouldn’t think you had a problem.

It is a ‘finite thinking’ memory from the past that is insisting the ‘finite thinking’ of the past applies to the present. And more often than not you fall for it…..hook, line and thinker.

The past has a way of becoming the present, and the present becomes, well…………the future. And it’s deja vu all over again. That doesn’t make it bad, it’s just a phenomenon to be aware of.

So then, it stands to reason that feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, fear and the like, are belief habits, picked up from ‘who knows’ and ‘who cares’ that became your beliefs. To not see it that way causes you to define your SELF as ‘inadequate’, as if written in stone, rather than someone with a habit of believing he/she is inadequate. The difference being that stone is kinda permanent, whereas a habit can be broken. To consciously witness this phenomenon is to weaken the hold the habit of ‘finite’ believing has on you.

A characteristic of ‘finite’ thinking is to not bother rethinking that which you habitually think. To rethink all or some of your ‘finite’ conclusions about anyone or anything from a more aware and informed state of mind will dramatically influence, in greater ways, the direction of the quality of life you live. To not rethink some of your ‘finite’ conclusions is to be stuck with those conclusions and the realities your erroneous conclusions create. Including the erroneous belief that you are ‘inadequate’ in any way.

The remedy for any concern starts with the realization that habits of thinking in a ‘finite’ manner, picked up from ‘who knows’ and really, ‘who cares’, are just that…….habits, and will not hold up upon conscious scrutiny. Awareness of this phenomenon brings into play an even more heightened curious awareness. Your dominion over ‘inadequacy’ is not far off. An awakening occurs. Awakening to what? An awakening to your true nature that is not sucked in to the limitations of the past. An awakening that brings you closer to the realization that; there can be no place where God’s Essence ends and you begin. ‘Inadequacy’ is certainly not a characteristic of God’s Essence, is it?

Your awakening to your true nature causes greater life-enhancing ideas and greater life-enhancing opportunities to suddenly become more evident.

Is it possible to be so connected to the nature of your SELF that it would not be possible for you to feel ‘inadequate’ about anything in your life? Whadda ya think?

To infinity and beyond.

Happy trails,

A major Midwestern university did an interesting experiment. They took a baby eagle right from its mother’s nest and put it with a bunch of baby chickens. In a short period of time that baby eagle started to peck just like the rest of the chicks. The baby eagle growing up with the chickens started to jump up and down just like the rest of the chickens. Even though the Potential of the eagle to fly and soar like any eagle is already coded in its essence, all it did was flap its wings and jump up and down. The eagle, hanging around with all those chickens thought it was a chicken. The indisputable Potential of the eagle remained dormant, never to be expressed. Bummer!

Not unlike what can happen with us as people, huh? We have the Potential, the stuff already coded in our Essence to live life to the fullest. Yet, sometimes we behave as if we are far, far less than what we really are, huh?

Yup, resident within you is the Potential to be;

  • ‘at least’ as joyful as the most joyful.
  • ‘at least’ as fulfilled as the most fulfilled.
  • ‘at least’ as successful as the most successful.
  • ‘at least’ as expressive with your unique gifts and talents as the most expressive with their unique gifts and talents.
  • ‘at least as prosperous and abundant in all ways as the most prosperous and abundant.
    And yes, to be;
  • ‘at least’ as enlightened as the most enlightened.

That’s not to say you do not have the ‘Potential’ to go beyond ‘at least’ to ‘more than’.

Your ability to prosper and thrive in the most delightful, delicious and delovely ways is a given. Even though your Essence to live your life fully and completely is beyond your finite comprehension, your open-mindedness and curiosity will take you into greater understanding.

Your abilities, your ‘unlimited Potential’ cannot be withheld from you any more than a thought can be unthought. You can forget, but it’s within you……..just ready to take you over, just waiting to be remembered. Remember?

Who’s to say how much of your Potential can be accessed and how much of your ‘abilities’ can be expressed this lifetime? If not you, who?

Who’s to save you from your self-imposed limitations, if not you? Who, Indiana Jones? I think not. Me? Forgetaboutit.

Here is your assignment:

With a ball-point or felt tip pen, draw a happy face on your thumb. Two dots for the eyes, a smile for the mouth. With as much enthusiasm you can muster, affirm the following;

Today there is a thought ringing loud inside my ear.

“I believe I can fly. So, limitations…..beware!”

Glancing at your thumb during the course of the day will trigger a memory of the above affirmation.

Your ability to fly over obstacles and barriers to greater life enhancement is acknowledged and ready for take-off.

Just spread the wings inside your mind. That’s all it takes to fly.

Should you accept this assignment, don’t be surprised to find that your ability to be aware of the ways and the means for experiencing life in greater ways is more readily made known to you. As a matter of fact, you can expect it. Wanna bet?

Reaffirm the about affirmation when replacing a fading happy face.

This assignment is to continue until your next mission.

Harvey Cohen


  • Harvey Cohen, Ph.D., author, lecturer and television host, conducts self-discovery seminars for personal and corporate growth. He has inspired countless thousands to greater heights of success, creativity, love, self-acceptance and joy. His books include:The Incredible Credible Cosmic Consciousness Diet, For Weight Loss and World Peace, The Optimism Factor, 11th Commandment -Thou Shalt Lighten Up!, Don't Give Up! and more. If you have not experienced the wit and wisdom of Harvey Cohen, You are in for a treat!

    Harvey's unique and impactful manner for communicating universal truths will inform you, thrill you, motivate you, and free you to live your life in the most joyous and prosperous way. His books and tapes are used World-Wide as self-empowering resources by doctors, therapists and educators for their patients and students, as well as by organizations for increasing creativity and production.

    At the center of all recurring struggle, lack, and frustration are deeply rooted false beliefs, finite in nature, that habitually reinforce a sense of helplessness and inadequacy.

    Harvey Cohen's strategies for dismantling self-limiting finite false core beliefs are awesome in its effectiveness and remarkable in its simplicity. He facilitates learning skills for translating the dramas of daily existence into the language of self-empowerment.......where consciousness expands until translation occurs without even taking thought. It becomes an automatic state of mind, a constant intuitive awareness revealing realities beyond lack, fear, and limitation....appearing as abundant supply in all its forms, dispelling every illusion of fear and limitation.

    If you have not experienced the wit and wisdom of Harvey Cohen, You are in for a treat!

    If you do not believe you can have it all, then you get to choose how much less than all you will have.

    * You are greater in consciousness than any idea of fear or limitation.
    * Life is like a bagel. The longer you take to enjoy it, the harder it gets!
    * Whatever is required and absolutely necessary for the full realization of your personal and professional already have.

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