Ever have an insight or gain knowledge that both excites and scares you at the same time? I am a fact guy. Use decent scientific method, and prove it to me, and you’ve got my attention. Well, something got my attention this week.

We’ve believed in the therapy field for years now how powerfully impactful thoughts are on the quality of your daily life. In the last year I’ve gone as far as to publicly say that you manifest everything in your life through your conscious and unconscious thoughts. The good and the bad.

In doing so, I’ve put myself out on a limb, without my usual propensity for solid evidence to prove what I was saying to be correct. It “felt” correct so I’d begun believing and teaching this principle:


We’ve all been superstitious enough, or around those who are, who’ve said, “Watch out what you ask for, you just may get it.” As it turns out there’s a whole lot more truth in this than we ever knew. What’s scary is I’m guessing that over 95% or more of you really have no idea “what” you’re asking for! What are you asking for in your daily random thought patterns?

Let’s pretend you have one thought every 15 seconds and you sleep 8 hours each night. That equates to 240 thoughts per minute, 14,400 thoughts per hour and 230,000 thoughts per day! I’m reminded of the overdone credit card commercial statement, “What’s in your wallet?” If we could spin this for the purpose of this article it would be, “What’s in your mind?” What percentage of 230,000 thoughts are you consciously aware of? How many are dreadful thoughts? How many are hopeless thoughts? How many have to do with what you’ll never achieve? How many are grateful thoughts? How many are loving thoughts? How many are inspiring, future oriented thoughts?

For 23 years now, the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Program (PEAR) at Princeton University has been quietly compiling evidence that the human mind influences anything it focuses on. This has been proven again and again in well over 50 million documented experiments! And this influence is even more pronounced when bonded male/female teams work together, focusing on a common theme. Many of these experiment involved ordinary electronic machines. If the power of focusing the human mind can influence something as simple as a computer, imagine all the other implications…

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Peace
  • Success
  • Happiness
  • Fewer car repairs (I’m serious!)

The possibilities are dizzying to the mind, so to speak.

Okay, here’s what I’m not saying… I will never ask you to simply become a positive thinker. Many have preached that to many who have failed miserably at trying to implement it. “Becoming” a positive thinker is a rich goal. The magic, however, is in the journey. And, if you have a guide and concrete steps to take along the path, all you need is the commitment and you will arrive at your destination.

Here’s An Overview Of The Path:

  1. VERY IMPORTANT: Be gentle with yourself along the way
  2. Begin measuring the content of your thought patterns
  3. Don’t criticize your patterns
  4. Seek understanding first
  5. Honor the negative patterns for doing the best they ‘thought’ they could do in your behalf
  6. Re-contract with your patterns for your “desired” future
  7. Practice your new thought patterns in a conscious daily manner
  8. Watch out for the “gremlin” thoughts that attempt to cancel your new focus and take them through the process outlined above
  9. Playfully target focus areas for periods of time, so that you may personally complete your own experiments, which will convince you that YOUR THOUGHTS DO BECOME THINGS in a measurable way!

To quality thoughts and a rich life!

Dave Turo-Shields

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