Isolation is a big part of caregiving. Society seems to forget we are out here doing all we can do for our loved ones. The world at large focuses on bigger issues and leaves us to fend for ourselves. We often find that even those whom we trusted have left our side to pursue other avenues when we need them most to stand beside us..Such is the path of the caregiver.

It really does no good to become embittered at the injustices in the medical profession, nor at the lack of regard from those whom you sought to gain help, solace and comfort from. Usually, unless someone has actually WALKED in your shoes, they have no way of understanding why you are in them or what you feel!! It is not a lack of compassion, but more a lack of empathy.. People simply have too much of their own problems to wrestle with, until there is little left to offer to anyone else.

However, isolation often turns to INSULATION, as it did in my case. I was insulated from the world itself, from those who would seek to negatively influence my decisions, sheltered from medical opinions that I deemed destructive, protected from gossipy neighbors, friends and yes, even relatives who made no choices but often had many comments anyway!! My point is that you can find a place within yourself to where NO ONE can harm you, NO ONE can question you, NO ONE can make your decisions concerning the one whom you care for… This is YOUR time to shine for your loved one, and SHINE YOU WILL!!

So, when you find your thoughts turning outward at all the things and people you lack when you feel you need them most… Take time to turn your thoughts INWARD, to all the good within yourself just waiting to bubble up to the surface and give you insight, wisdom and guidance… through the Spirit at work within you .. A place where you may never have let yourself go before… A place where the peace that passes all understanding resides… The place where all things shall be revealed to you, in due time and at their appropriate season. There is no reason to ever doubt yourself, none at all… You are the one who stands between your loved one and a fate which awaits them which neither of you wish to entertain. Just do the best you can with what you have, with what you know, and let LOVE be your guide in all things.

© 2000 Dorothy Womack