At this writing approximately six states have passed legislations for Home Care Insurance with more to follow.

Notice: Finally, Home Care Policies Now Available for Senior Citizens of NYS
American Independent Network Insurance Company of New York has been approved as of 3/00 to offer the Independent Living Policy which provides Home Care Benefits at Home to NYS Residents. This new coverage will now allow many Seniors to maintain their personal Independence at home without being a burden on their loved one. The Home Care policy will also help many Seniors from ending up in a local nursing home as the policy will now pay for help with a persons normal activities of daily living, commonly called ADL’s. The good news is that these benefits cost normally less than 50% of a normal long term care policy which many Seniors have not been able to afford may very well afford now.

As you may already know, 3 of 4 Seniors 65+ will require some form of Home Care. This care is usually provided by a family member or an aged spouse. These new benefits may now be payable if the care is provided by family members, friends, homemakers, licensed practitioners, registered nurses and more, i.e. PT’s and Nutritional Care, etc.

You may wish to look into Home Care coverage in order to maintain your Independence at Home without placing these burdens on your loved one or leaving your assets as risk to pay for such care.
“Tax Qualified” and “Non-Tax Qualified” Home Care Policy
There are Two Home Care Policy’s offered. Both a “Tax Qualified” and “Non-Tax Qualified.” Premiums for this type of policy is generally around 50 – 60 % less than that of a traditional Nursing Home Policy.

Additional, in order to qualify for benefits under each plan, the insured may receive benefits if he or she is unable:
“Non-Tax Qualified.”
to perform 1 of 7 ADL’s (bathing, dressing, eating, ambulating, continence, transferring, toileting)


there must be a cognitive impairment


care certified by your physician as essential to your health, safety and welfare.

Additionally, You may also qualify for Personal/Homemaker Care if you cannot perform 2 or 7 Instrumental ADL’s (meal preparation, telephoning, shopping/travel, handling money/bill paying, light housekeeping, mediation management, laundry).
“Tax Qualified”
to perform 2 of 6 ADL’s (bathing, dressing, eating, continence, transferring, toileting)


There Must be a Severe Cognitive Impairment

Both Plans also offer a Nursing Home Rider which would include Assisted Living Facilities, Personal Care Facilities, Alzheimer’s Centers, Adult Congregate Living Facilities as well as all Levels of Care in a Nursing Home Facility. You may also add a Return of Premium Rider that if you do not ever need any care then the premiums you paid into the plan will be returned to your estate upon your death.
You May Choose Your Home Care Spending Account with these benefit choices:
Age 40-89 May Apply

$60-$300 per day of Benefit

1,2,3,4,5 Years of Lifetime Benefits

Additional Built In Benefits:

Pre-Existing Conditions Listed on the Application are Covered Immediately

10% Marital Discount

No Prior Hospitalization

First Day Coverage

Alternate Plan of Care

Waiver of Premium (Do not pay for coverage when receiving care)

Restoration of Benefits

Guaranteed Renewable

Optional Riders:

Non-Forfeiture Premium Benefit Rider

Refund of Premium Rider

LifeTime Inflation Rider

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