Sometimes we face an impasse in our lives to where – without forgiveness – we will advance no further. Old wounds, careless words and deeds have left us bereft and void of positive energy towards those who may truly need us now. We may or may not be given an opening to forgive another – however, we always possess the opportunity to do so!!

Forgiveness issues forth from WITHIN us, not from without?We choose whether to forgive those who fail us, hurt us, betray us, deny us – WE make that choice, out of our OWN hearts. People may indeed push us to our human limits, but it is STILL our choice as to how we react and whether we forgive or not. For me, forgiveness does not come easy – but the penalty exacted for my nurturing bad attitudes is that my body, emotions and spirit suffer as a result.

First, there is the ORIGINAL injury – Then, as I replay it over and over again in my head, I simply prolong the injury and impede any inner healing which could occur. This is especially important when you become a primary caregiver – Because often there is seething resentment, unresolved conflicts of perhaps decades before – And until these issues are set aside by you personally, they will interfere in the quality of your caregiving.

In my personal opinion, CAREGIVING is as much about FORGIVING as it is anything else ..

Each day, you are confronted with warring emotions, misunderstandings and differing opinions within your immediate family and also from the community at large around you ..

Each day you CHOOSE to forgive, or you eventually pay the consequences in losses to yourself, your family, and even your community?

I also personally feel that forgiveness should not be a CHOICE when it comes to HOME caregiving, but a PREREQUISITE!! I say this because so much stress is sustained on a daily basis, and yes, most of it is aimed at the caregiver, whether deserved or not!! But, having lived both alternatives, my choice lies with forgiving wrongs done or perceived as done to me. In this way, I walk in a measure of peace that the world cannot give, nor can it ever take away !!

Dorothy Womack