The Cycle Of Life

Everytime my mother puts her hand on my face, it feels like she is touching my heart. There are times, as I watch my mother asleep in her bed, that I long to curl up beside her, hold her tight and put both her hands in mine – attempting to offer both of us some semblance of safety and security. But I realize that were I to fall asleep and then awaken, I would still be here upon this earth – while my mother would awaken in Heaven.

I would know that I could not hold her here, nor could she take me there. Our bodies would be touching, but our spirits would be separated by death. Perhaps this is what is meant by “One will be taken – the other left”. For the one who is taken actually takes their essence with them – and the one who is left behind wonders how and when they will ever see that loved one again.

For although separated by death, we are united in Love and throughout it all, the love remains. The questions are never erased, but then neither are the memories. Such is the cycle of life!

©1993 Dorothy Womack


Life is a circle, twirling round about
Where we start is where we exit out —
In between, we find our lives are filled
With happiness and sorrows – Even still

We yearn for more within ourselves
To build a better world —
Yet, somehow, never finding how
To accomplish this, occurs

To us, until the very end
As life starts winding down —
We find that in our living well
We’ve sought and now have found

That living is its own reward
We leave – Yet we retain –
For all we’ve seen, or had, or done
Our INFLUENCE remains….

©2000 Dorothy Womack