When I consider the vast, deep universe, so constant with eternal Law, and remind myself that the mind of the Higher Power is everywhere present, vigilant in Its desire to serve me well, I come to Peace. Love surrounds me. Infinite Power courses through men. And I am one with Life forever.

All mourning, all grief, all sense of separation from the Higher Power leaves me now as I consider the fact that life never ends, only the perceived experience of it upon this plane can change. Nothing in the Universe is ever lost. Form, shape and familiararity alter but are not gone. My garden shows me how the flower blooms, wilts, withers to crumbs to fertilize again and another urgent green shoot begins pushing through the soil. The starlight thousands of years away falls on me tonight, although that star might in this moment be no more a star but a changed mass of energy rushing through some distant galaxy.

My spirit soars to find it’s home in the heart of the Higher Power when I behold the beauty of clouds or rainbows, or old trees reaching majestically to a sunset. Life is good. Life is real. Life is the Moment. Life is Forever.

I will no longer mourn for a life not keeping me company here. It was here long enough to give me what it had to give and then move on. It was here long enough to learn what it needed on this plane to prepare it for the next. I now choose to celebrate life remembering it, knowing it is always in change.

My grief is now abated with the certainty that I am never abandoned and nothing is incomplete. I have nothing to fear and nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about, for human beings succeed throught the triumph of their failures and prevail through belief in their immortality.

Life is wonderful and I now choose to make it the best. Releasing all thought of what is not, I turn all of my attention that that which is and will be.

And so it is!.