The following are some of the most common energy problems for women and their corrections:

1. Taking on other people’s emotional energy. Our energies are magnetic in nature. A common co-dependent pattern for a lot of women is to play the role of a “pleaser.” The primary dysfunction of this role is to always put other’s needs before your own. Women that are pleasers tend to be very psychic in nature. This helps to know what others need without even having to ask. It is common as a part of this role to take on the negative emotion other people are feeling or processing. Emotion is energy in motion. We can attract that energy to us when we are not safeguarded from it. It is possible to take on the energy of people you do not even know. It can even happen at the grocery store. All you wanted to do was go in and buy a gallon of milk and you not only leave with the milk but you also leave with the sadness and loneliness of ten other women in the store!

Children process a lot of negative energy for their parents. If you are stressed, your child intuitively is aware of that and can play a role of trying to “please” or “act-out” in response to the negative energy you are running. My daughter used to come home from Jr. High nearly every day with a chronic headache. It was in the early days of my studies of energy medicine. As I came to understand this dynamic of taking on other people’s energies, I realized she was doing that sub-consciously at school. I helped her correct it, and the headaches eventually subsided.

Correction: Your central meridian is one of your primary energy pathways that runs from your pubic bone up to your bottom lip. It is like a radio receiver that channels other people’s negative thoughts and emotions into you. Pretend you have a zipper running up your torso between these two points. Zip up your central meridian starting at the pubic bone until you reach your bottom lip. Zipping up your central meridian will “zip-up” your energy. You will feel more confident and positive about yourself and your world, think more clearly, and protect yourself from negative energies around you. Zip up your children before they go to school.

2. Leaking Energy. Another invisible energy system we have is called chakras. Whereas meridians are an energy transportation system, the chakras are energy stations. The word chakra means disk, vortex, or wheel. There are seven energy stations positioned from the base of your spine to the top of your head. In energy health, if you are losing or leaking energy at the base chakra located at the bottom of your spine, that feels like depression, anxiety and exhaustion. Many women are energy depleted because they are not able to hold enough life force energy or chi. In this energy condition, you are flushing energy down and away from you, much like a toilet flushes water down. In order to maintain good energy health you want the energy spiraling up into your base chakra.

Correction: When there is a leak you want to patch it. Close your eyes and imagine you can see the energy leaking out of your tailbone. Imagine a patch large enough to cover the leak. Place the patch over the leak. Imagine you can go beneath the energy and reverse the flow to spiral it up into your body through your tailbone.

3. Homolateral energy flow. The left hemisphere of the brain needs to send information to the right side of your body, and the right hemisphere needs to send information to the left side. This crossing of energy helps you feel more balanced, think more clearly and improve your coordination. When your energies are not crossing, they are running a homolateral pattern – straight up and down the body. In this state you cannot access or utilize your brain’s full capacity or your body’s full intelligence. Babies naturally have a homolateral flow. It is the function of crawling that initiates the energies to flow in a crossover pattern. Everyone that I have assisted with CFS and Epstein Barr has a homolateral energy flow. People who actively participate in a regular exercise program usually have healthy crossover patterns.

Correction: To cross your energies and to keep them flowing in a healthy cross over flow, march in place lifting the opposite leg and arm simultaneously about 20 steps. Or, just get on the ground and start crawling! Encourage your baby to crawl and delay walking until they are 12 months old. Early walking interferes with their energy establishing a healthy cross over flow. My oldest daughter walked at 9 months old as a result of eager parents! She was challenged all the way up through high school in math, reading and spelling. In grade school, she was tutored on a regular basis. When she was 16, I was introduced to this process. I showed her the correction, and she faithfully marched daily. By the end of her senior year in high school, she was awarded a scholarship to a local University and has been on the Dean’s list ever since.