The wind was knocked out of this little Dove, her wings were broken. It seemed like life would be no more, she couldn’t fly and thought she would die. She struggled through each day in pain and would cry out, “Oh God heal my broken wings so I can fly again”. Life is so precious and I still want to see the beauty you have created for me. I want to be strong and fly to new heights and see all the things I have missed. To fly free once more is all I ask. I promise I will help others that I pass.

It took time, it wasn’t easy, but she knew her wings were getting stronger each day. She knew healing was taking place and she thanked God for his Amazing Grace. She had a dream to be strong as an Eagle but still be gentle like a Dove. To fly free through the sky and feel the wind beneath her wings once again. But God in his mercy sent her someone who was strong as an Eagle and helped her to survive, to reach the heights that she dreamed of.

So never give up and fight till the end, you never know when your life will end. Wings that were broken are strong once again. A second chance at life, a new beginning. Don’t look back at the broken wings but move forward to bigger and better things. Fly through the sky with grace and ease, but always remember that you once had broken wings. Always be thankful that you survived, and were blessed with a very special friend who will be with you till the end. God has given you a second chance. The wings are mended and the pain is gone. Now you are free to fly once again.

Carolyn Haynali 4/20/00 ©