“Experience necessary”, “Experience preferred”, Experience a plus”, and the list goes on. How many times do people read these words in their newspaper’s “help wanted “section? The truth stands that employers seek candidates with prior experience in their particular field. A person with a degree perhaps asks, ” how do I get the experience if they refuse to hire me”? Yet another asks, “Will they train me for the position without a degree or experience”? A catch twenty-two indeed, but in some cases a necessary one.

Caregiving finds itself as one occupation whether sought or brought upon the individual(s) as one, which requires experience. The person who desires to serve others in this capacity benefits himself or herself if they acquire knowledge as a care provider. Volunteer as a candy striper for example. This will provide inside hands on preparation for a paid position in this field. The person that finds himself or herself thrown into this position falls into a distinct category. Experience must already rest on their shoulders for the rough road ahead.

How then does a person begin caregiving? They must act as a caregiver. Huh? That sounds like a play on words. If a person learns to caregive throughout life, then they will better serve as caregivers. Situations arise in all cases where one must rely upon their judgment and God’s help. Some seem cut and dry others hold a complete different story line. In fact, some people feel all wet and washed up. But, if a person caregives prior to caregiving, the difficult times will go a bit smoother.

A person may prepare for the sudden role change caregiving endows.

First, learn to put others first, in that what concerns them concerns you. Second, change a negative worldview. Learn to say, ” someone has it worse than I.” Third, desire to change the changeable and leave the unchangeable to God. Prayer will provide guidance in this area since each person walks life’s road at different levels.

Finally, maintain a healthy and realistic approach to your limitations. Learn to rely on others for assistance. If pride enters in get out the weed kill and destroy that injurious root. Pride will destroy any caregiving mission.

A caregiver before caregiving. We all must strive to serve as caregivers because the day may arrive when we receive the call to duty. Let us all enter ready to serve and love.

By Marshal Gisondi