Chris Chrysler was a skilled and devoted violinist who had a lifelong dream to own a Stradivarius. For many years Chris worked hard to earn enough money to buy the coveted instrument. Finally he took his life savings to New York City’s music district and searched many stores. After numerous inquiries, he found a shop with a Stradivarius for sale. The shopkeeper went to the back of the store, removed the violin from under lock and key, and showed it to Chris.

Chris’s eyes lit up and his heart began to pound as he held the delicate instrument to his neck and began to play. Heavenly tones sang forth, and Chris knew this was indeed the instrument he had dreamed of. When he asked the owner the price, Chris was shocked to learn it was twice the amount he had saved.

• “Can we work out a payment plan?” asked Chris hopefully.
• “Sorry, we don’t do that,” answered the shopkeeper.
• “Then will you hold the violin for me until I can borrow more money to purchase it?”
• “I’m afraid I cannot do that, either, sir. “If someone comes in and offers the asking price, I will have to sell it to that customer.”

Chris went home and scurried to gather together more money from friends and investors. He made slow progress, but within a month he found people to help him. Eagerly he returned to the music store and told the owner he was now able to make the purchase.

“You’re just a little late,” the shopkeeper explained. “A few days ago a wealthy collector came in and purchased the Stradivarius.”

Chris was crestfallen. He had come so close to having his heart’s desire! On his way out of the store, an idea occurred to him. He turned and asked the shopkeeper, “Would you give me the name of that collector? I will contact him directly and ask if he would sell to me.”

The shopkeeper gave Chris the information and he made an appointment to go see the owner. “It has been my lifelong dream to own this instrument,” Chris told the fellow. “Would you consider selling it to me? I think I can get some more money to purchase it from you at a profit.”

The owner shook his head and answered, “I’d like to help you out, but I know the value of this violin. It is the jewel of my collection. I intend to keep it as an heirloom.”

“I understand,” answered Chris. “Perhaps, then, you would let me play the violin for just a minute or two. It would mean a lot to me, and I will keep the memory for a lifetime.”

The collector consented and handed Chris the violin. Joyfully Chris took up the bow and, knowing he would never play this violin again, made the instrument sing with absolute passion. After a few minutes he returned the violin to its owner, thanked the man, and made his way to the door.

As Chris had his hand on the doorknob, the owner called him back. “Don’t go,” he told him. “You made such beautiful music. I bought this violin simply as a collector’s item. You will bring more happiness and beauty to the world with it than I will. The violin belongs to you. Here, please take it.”

Society’s rules of ownership are superseded by a profound spiritual principle called The Right of Consciousness. You own what you own not by money or force, but by your love for it and your spiritual connection to it. If something is deeply imbedded in your soul, it belongs to you. It comes to you and adheres to you by your appreciation and right use of it. While it appears that external rules govern who owns what, the prevailing law is the Right of Consciousness.

You cannot get what you have not earned by right of consciousness. If you are trying to attract a mate, job, or living situation, you must be equal to it in your thoughts and feelings. You must love it, know you deserve it, and hold a vision for healthy, joyful use of it. Then and only then will it come to you, and without struggle or strain. You don’t have to fight for it; you just have to be one with it.

When your consciousness is ripe for the object of your heart’s desire, it will come naturally. It will not require a miracle or quantum leap. It will be in the flow as your logical next step. And no one will be able to take it from you. Jealousy is a form of insecurity, and represents ignorance of the principle of Right Consciousness. If you are matched with something you truly deserve by your unity with it, it is yours by universal law, and no one can interfere.

A Course in Miracles tells us, “You are under no laws but God’s.” Behind all the rules people create, eternal principles are operating flawlessly. Justice is always being accomplished by the power of intention. Found yourself in spiritual law, and everything you want and deserve will come to you and stay with you by virtue of love.

By Alan Cohen


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