Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the ….. yadda, yadda, yadda?

Yup, life is just a mirror every moment every day,
and when you think you’re not so hot, everything appears that way.

All your thoughts of love or less you have from day to day,
come back to you as people for you to judge some way. (Oy vey!)

How you feel about yourself becomes your reality,
as people that you know and conditions that you see.

Uh huh, life is just a mirror, what you see is what you are.
Within the framework of your mind you’re truth is never far.

The qualities that seem to be, and judgments that seem real,
about the people in your life, are about the you….you feel.

No matter what you say you want, or pray for, or you wish,
you only get your deepest thoughts served upon your dish. (Kapish?)

There is nothing wrong or lacking in what you call your world.
Your world is just a mirror unfolded and unfurled.

The more that you remember you see you when you see me,
the more you will get out of life, cause that’s the way it be.

Get used to it, life IS just a mirror, and here is how it works:
The more you feel inadequate…..the more you will see jerks.

Mortals and Wizards

Mortals remain mortals because they habitually disown their wizardry powers
by disowning parts of themselves.

What a mortal calls a bummer, a wizard calls a natural and wondrous demonstration of creativity. A new adventure.

What a mortal calls a lie, a wizard calls someone’s truth.

What a mortal calls unfair, a wizard calls perfect. (A New York wizard calls poifict.)

What mortal calls limiting, a wizard calls endless possibilities.

What a mortal calls stupid, a wizard calls genius.

What a mortal calls nothing, a wizard calls everything.

What a mortal calls overweight, a wizard calls under self-loving.

When a mortal says, Who knows?, a wizard says, I know.

What a mortal calls failure, a wizard calls unfathomable achievement.

What a mortal calls me and struggle,
a wizard calls me who chooses the adventure of struggle.

What a mortal calls me and success, joy and fulfillment,
a wizard calls me who chooses the adventure of success, joy and fulfillment

Cosmic Potential

You that you are is not to be found in your physical body. Surgery from head to foot will never reveal the true nature of your being.

Your consciousness is invisible and in not confined to your body.

You are more than you appear to be. You are COSMIC. You are as much of a COSMIC energy as the planets and stars of the universe.

You as a COSMIC energy are the center of your own universe. And everything that comes in contact with you is affected by you.

You are not here to struggle, be in pain or experience lack or limitation. You are here to learn that the nature of your being is to experience the full realization of your COSMIC POTENTIAL. And your COSMIC POTENTIAL is to live your life out of your highest ideals and desires.

That is why you are here. And sooner or later you will know it. If not this lifetime, then some other.

You are here to know that fear and adversity is nothing more than nature’s way of telling you that you are living out of limiting beliefs.

Your COSMIC POTENTIAL is to learn from your fears and adversity and to choose to be less limiting. That is why you have fear and adversity. You are here to remember that you are greater in consciousness than any idea of fear and adversity. Remember?

Happy trails,

Got Tenacity?

The next time that you –
find yourself in a stew

and feeling in utter despair,
where options are few,
maybe one less than two,
and your response is to pull out you hair.

Just step back in time
for no reason or rhyme
and remember the who that you are.

Not just some ditz
with no sense or no wits,
or someone whose head is ajar.

Stay focused on this,
on this you wont miss,
I swear what I tell you is true.

No matter the stuff
that to you seems so rough
is a picnic for God within you.

If you should get caught
with such a great thought,
it might even give you the shakes.

That truth will be real
when you really feel;
By God, you have what it takes!

Happy trails,

The best way to predict the future is to create it!

There is nothing you are missing or lacking.
You have it all.

Whatever is necessary for the full realization of your highest ideals you have now!

It comes with the territory for just being. Much like the allness of the ocean is to be found in a drop of ocean water, and the allness of the mighty oak is to be found in the acorn, the allness of your maker is resident within you. Always has been, and will always be.

That is what you are here to remember. Remember?
The seed of greatness is alive and kicking within your essence.

So, if you have it all, and you do, then you also have that which you believe you do not have. Your belief in not having that which you have, denies you from accessing all that you believe you do not have, even though you already have it.

And until you believe that you already have that which you believe you do not have, you will not access that which you believe you do not have, even though you already have it……….all.

Happy trails,


  • Harvey Cohen, Ph.D., author, lecturer and television host, conducts self-discovery seminars for personal and corporate growth. He has inspired countless thousands to greater heights of success, creativity, love, self-acceptance and joy. His books include:The Incredible Credible Cosmic Consciousness Diet, For Weight Loss and World Peace, The Optimism Factor, 11th Commandment -Thou Shalt Lighten Up!, Don't Give Up! and more. If you have not experienced the wit and wisdom of Harvey Cohen, You are in for a treat!

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    At the center of all recurring struggle, lack, and frustration are deeply rooted false beliefs, finite in nature, that habitually reinforce a sense of helplessness and inadequacy.

    Harvey Cohen's strategies for dismantling self-limiting finite false core beliefs are awesome in its effectiveness and remarkable in its simplicity. He facilitates learning skills for translating the dramas of daily existence into the language of self-empowerment.......where consciousness expands until translation occurs without even taking thought. It becomes an automatic state of mind, a constant intuitive awareness revealing realities beyond lack, fear, and limitation....appearing as abundant supply in all its forms, dispelling every illusion of fear and limitation.

    If you have not experienced the wit and wisdom of Harvey Cohen, You are in for a treat!

    If you do not believe you can have it all, then you get to choose how much less than all you will have.

    * You are greater in consciousness than any idea of fear or limitation.
    * Life is like a bagel. The longer you take to enjoy it, the harder it gets!
    * Whatever is required and absolutely necessary for the full realization of your personal and professional goals.........you already have.

    Harvey is an Empowering Caregivers featured expert, learn more about Harvey