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There are literally thousands of listservs for caregiving, caregivers; individual servs for illnesses, aging, seniors, elderly, children, disabilities and much more. They are also known as usenet groups, discussion groups, email lists Rather than begin listing each listserv we will direct you to the sites that list the different groups.. you may choose to do a search in the specific categories you are concerned about, find info on the listserv groups available and join.

Essentially, listservs are a form of support group which enables you to correspond with others with common needs or similar situations. You may elect to subscribe and receive individual posts or you may request to receive all the postings in a digested form. There is no fee for joining. Usually you are required to give your name and email address. What follows are the main areas for several listserv websites that encompass a myriad of support groups, as well as a list of keywords that might lead you to more specific groups which are of interest to you. You can go into specific areas of each topic to search for more groups;, ie., cancer -liver etc,

Topica Email List Directory



Listserv-Official Catalog Of Lists

Caregivers Support Emotional
Depression Support Groups Children-special needs
Alzheimer's Disease Parkinson's Disease Heart Disease
Dementia Kidney Health
Society and Culture Elderly Seniors
Mental Health Diabetes Disabilities
Eldercare Cancer Parents/Parenting
Ilnesses Diseases Disabilities
Alternative Healing Spiritual, Spirituality Carers
Stroke Hospice Death & Dying
. Grief & Bereavement .

A Sample Of Some Available Lists

Candid Dementia Adultcaregivers
Hospice ElderLawFax
Alzheimer Caregiving Alzheimer Listserv

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