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Dynamic Meditation - The Fabulous 5

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a
faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the
servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein

What comes to mind when you think of the word meditation? Many have preconceived notions and knee-jerk reactions that cause them to rule out meditation as a potential tool.

1. n. The act or process of thinking.
2. n. Careful consideration of a matter.
syn.: thought, brainwork, contemplation, deliberation, mental activity, musing, pondering, reflection, speculation, wondering.

It is in this context that I will offer you dynamic meditation as a powerful tool, available for even the most analytical individuals.

To paraphrase Dr. Norman Vincent Peale -- If you want to know what your future will be, you don't need tea leaves or have to have your palm read; all you need to do is pay attention to what you're thinking. Your present is nothing else but the results of your previous thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the world around you. By the same token, your future will be drawn from your present thoughts and beliefs. It is, therefore, extremely important to put your attention on desirable possibilities and stimulate your consciousness with thoughts of a wonderful and beautiful life.

The aim of the Fab 5, is to flood your consciousness with these possibilities. When you direct your mind to rich and delicious outcomes, you trigger a storm of cellular activity, which alters blood chemistry and affects your emotional state. By lightening your emotional state, you set the stage for the "5 I's"; incubation, inspiration, intuition, illumination and insights. By virtue of the same process, you are blind to the "5 I's" when you are focused on heavy emotions of problems and problem solving. Problem solving is a damaging and wasteful activity. It ties your entire being to the problem.

In the display quote above, Albert Einstein eloquently directs us to the fact that we all have two minds with which to work. The sacred gift of the intuitive, creative mind and the faithful servant of the logical, rational mind. It is the sacred gift's job to create an environment for the "5 I's" to show themselves, and the faithful servant's job to act upon them.

When you put the "servant" at the helm, you are using the critical mind, which is attached to the problem. The critical mind is limited to a very finite database of known factors, whereas the creative mind is infinite, not subject to such limitations. The critical mind is in fear-based darkness, trying hard to figure out the problem. The creative mind is basking in bright sunlight, sitting with the catcher's mitt, ready and open to receive the gifts from the "5 I's."

Since the sacred gift of the creative mind is more about being than doing, we cannot force it to do anything. Forcing causes stress and shuts down access to the "5 I's. ' What we can do, is set the environment for the "5 I's" to present their gifts. That's what the Fabulous 5 is all about.

The steps for employing the Fabulous 5 are as follows:

    Set a time to contemplate
    Visit the Fabulous 5 levels
    Choose your modality
    Express gratitude & revisit successes
    Create ideal outcomes
    Surrender to the sacred gift & be alert for feedback
    Take it with you
    Take action

Set a time to contemplate - The simple act of setting aside time to participate in the Fab 5 sends a powerful message to your sub-conscious and conscious mind that you are worthy and deserving of a fabulous life. Fifteen minute sessions, first thing in the morning, are ideal.

Visit the Fabulous 5 levels - A major focus of the Fabulous 5 is to maintain a healthy balance in your whole life. You will visit each of the Fabulous 5 levels, which just about covers all areas of your life. They are Health, Career and Finances, Relationships, Recreation, & Contribution.

Choose your modality - In each session, you will choose among Visual, Kinesthetic, or Auditory, or a combination of these modalities. Least effort and fun are ingredients conducive to a "5 I" environment . Therefore, allow yourself to be attracted to your preferred modalities. You may like to dance with a variety of modalities to keep things fresh and fun.

Begin by finding a quiet place where you enjoy being, close your eyes, and concentrate on your breathing as you take several deep breaths. This will help you relax, clear your mind, and prepare you for a dynamically focused state.

Visual - Folks with a visual preference will engage in visualization. You will run mental movies which will incorporate all five physical senses.

Kinesthetic - Using this modality works well for those who see themselves as feelers. You will engage in the written form. This may include writing lists of benefits, self-created affirmations and writing your intentions down in sentences/paragraph form.

Auditory - If you're attracted to this modality, you will evoke your intentions from within you and transform your thoughts into audible language. Your ears will hear your own voice and, in some cases, you will have your eyes involved by reading self-created affirmations and journal notations aloud.

Once you've chosen a particular modality, you move on and...

Express gratitude & revisit successes - Visit each of the Fabulous 5 levels, first expressing gratitude and then reviewing past successes. This will put you on the success channel to stimulate and attract the "5 I's" powerfully to your awareness.

You will first visit your "Health Level." Put your attention on what you are grateful for with regard to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. As an example, you might express gratitude for the fact that you have eyes to see the beauty of the world around you, ears to hear you favorite melodies; the peace you have in spending quiet time with yourself, appreciation for the magnificence of nature, or your connectednesss with your creator.

Then review past successes; the fitness program you finally began, the attainment of your ideal weight or an addiction you've overcome. So, first express thanks, then acknowledge yourself...Got it? Now your ready to...

Create ideal outcomes - And I mean ideal outcomes. Think BIG, non-linear, magic wand stuff. Continuing with the health level, work in a present moment context. You are at your ideal weight, energized from your consistent fitness program, your mind is crystal clear enjoying all of your realized goals and intentions. You are emotionally joyful and enthusiastic, yet peaceful. In creating ideal outcomes, pray as though you've already received.

Surrender to the sacred gift & be alert for feedback - Once you've visited each level in this way, let go of it. Surrender it to the creative mind. Know that you have stimulated the "5 I" environment and be alert for feedback. Have an expectancy for synchronicity and meaningful coincidences. Synchronistic experiences are occurring all the time. The question is, Is your mind attuned, alert and prepared to recognize them? The Fab 5 primes your consciousness to be alert to what is already there.

Take it with you - After a few sessions, you will gain greater clarity on what you are creating through this attraction principle. Some desired outcomes will show up as themes. For example, here are a few of mine:

    Health - Flexible, Grateful & In the present, Being guided
    Career & Finances - Mind University staffed and launched,Coaching & Radio Show go global, Revenues doubled
    Relationship - Old friendships rekindled
    Recreation - Flying & Guitar playing regularly
    Contribution - Active AirLifeLine member

Note that the list is in simple, short statements or words and written in a present-moment context. Write these intentions on an index card and place it in a pocket, purse or location where your hand goes regularly. The simple act of touching the card will keep your subconscious and conscious mind attuned to the intentions. It is also recommended that you read it before you go to bed, allowing the sacred gift to engage while you rest.

Take Action - The Fabulous 5 will stimulate the "5 I's" and you will have flashes of insight. You will find yourself saying things like... "It just dawned on me" or "It came to me that I can do this or that." As these insights "come to you," it is appropriate and important to have the faithful servant participate. Honor your sacred gift by taking actions on insights that "come to you." In
doing so, you express faith, attract more insights and begin to live the life you have imagined.

Copyrighted by: John Felitto

I will soon conduct a free TeleClass on the Fabulous 5. This will be done on a telephone conference line, which makes it extremely easy to participate, regardless of where you live on the planet. This TeleClass will include material on mind mapping, mental rehearsal and an introduction to alpha training.

Alpha training assists you in communicating more directly with your subconscious mind. I'll give you the basic tools to begin training yourself to maintain an alpha state with controlled awareness. The benefits are numerous and include stress reduction, reduced heart rate and blood pressure, increased energy and stamina, and strengthening of the immune system. Beyond the health benefits, you'll develop enhanced mental clarity and focus, increased patience and understanding, and expanded creativity and intuitive ability. All of this will yield greater achievement, both personally and professionally.

If you are interested in participating in the TeleClass, simply send an email the "coach." "Intentions" is a monthly publication promoting the use of the whole brain and mind, to live life mindfully and purposefully through the awesome power of awareness and intention, for the benefit of all. Authored by: John Felitto, Mind Development Trainer & Coach. Email your comments to:

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