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There Is A Voice...

(From "The 11th Commandment -Thou Shalt Lighten Up!".)

There is A Voice

Inside Of Me

That Urges Me To Be

Whatever Feels

Just Right For Me

And My Integrity.

To Force Myself

To Go Against

Whatever Is My Grain,

Will Only Bring Me Trouble

And Trouble's Quite A Pain.

And Should I Think

That I Don't Have

Whatever It Might Take

To Be And Do

What Pleases Me

I'll Get A Belly Ache.

And So I'll Just Be Sure To Be

Attentive To That Voice

And Know That Greater Joy For Me

Is Really Just A Choice.

Right Now I Choose

To Let Go Of

Whatever Sounds Malicious

And Listen To

My Inner Voice

And Be

What Feels Delicious.

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