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Have You Ever Had An Unreachable Problem?

Ever have a problem or question whose solution or answer seemed to be forever out of your reach? Perhaps it is a current problem or question that has plagued you for years.

It is not true that solutions and answers to your problems and questions are unavailable to you. It is true that they may be blocked from your awareness because you are habitually convinced you are merely human and therefore limited in your ability to transcend problems and questions.

You can train yourself to be more open-minded than the narrow-mindedness that keeps solutions and answers from your awareness.

Here is your two part assignment:

Part one:
With a ball-point or felt tipped pen, draw a happy face on the inside of your thumb.

Look at your thumb and confirm the following with as much conviction you can muster.

My Potential To Know Whatever I Want To Know
Is Alive And Kicking And Keeps On Ticking.

Look at your thumb during the course of the day. You will be reminded of an indisputable truth that disempowers a human tendency that denies your true nature. You become a magnet that attracts solutions and answers from your intuitiveness or from other sources.

Part Two:
Three little words. An exercise in tenacity and intention.

-----BOX - HEAD - HOLD--

The above three words become three different words when another word is added in front of or after each of the above three words. The word to be added is the same word for each above three words. Example, but obviously not the answer; Inbox - Headin - Holdin.

It is not unusual to not get the the correct answer right away. However, the correct answer will come to you if you are tenacious enough to remember that the answer to any problem is available to you if, like any problem, you have an intention to solve the problem. Asking others is permissible. They may be the source for the answer. Or you may suddenly wake up three in the morning with the answer. With tenacity and intention the answer will be revealed to you. Be sure to replace a fading happy face on your thumb whenever necessary, and reinforce its current meaning which is:

My Potential To Know Whatever I Want To Know
Is Alive And Kicking And Keeps On Ticking.

Should you accept the assignment(s), don't be surprised to find yourself more inclined than ever before to be aware of solutions and answers to problems and questions. Wanna bet?

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