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Ten Items Or Less

There you are, standing in the 'Ten Items Or Less' line at the supermarket checkout counter.........AND........THERE IS SOMEONE IN FRONT OF YOU WITH......... TWELVE ITEMS! You're willing to count more than one of the same one item, that's how generous you are. However, technically speaking, an item is an item. But even so, anyone can see it's still more than ten items.

You might be thinking things like:

    How inconsiderate,

    Who does he/she think he/she is?

    What nerve!

    Maybe even, "expletive, expletive".

Even though the 'YOU' that is standing in line has the capacity to:

    Think any thought that could be thunk,

    Ponder the wonders of the universe,

    Be impressed and thankful for the abundant supply and convenience of the supermarket,

    Contemplate the absolute awesomeness of Einsteinion ideas,

    Reflect on the limitless potential of your innate creative nature,

    Mentally review the many joys and pleasures you experienced in your life and anticipate experiencing, .......

AND there you are........................counting someone else's groceries. Nuff said?

If you do not relate to the above scenario, then......never mind. However, it may not be the supermarket story that ticks you off. So, maybe it's another drama that points out how your 'irritation finder' finds someone or something (reasonable people would agree is pretty petty and small stuff) to be irritated about. If it's not one thing it's another. If it's not this it's that.
Nothing limits individual well-being and creativity more than reinforcing 'narrow-mindedness'.

Here is your assignment:
With a ball point pen, draw a happy face on the inside of your thumb. Two dots for the eyes, a smile for the mouth. Look at your thumb and affirm the following:


Glance at your thumb during the course of the day. It will remind you that you are not limited to ideas that confine you in any way. Should you accept this assignment, don't be surprised to find yourself less inclined to be drawn to irritating people and experiences, freeing your 'essence' to do more of what it does best........................ CREATE WITHOUT LIMITS. Don't be surprised to find yourself anticipating with gusto, and therefore experiencing, more joy and pleasure than you have a habit of having. As a matter of fact, you can expect it!

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