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The Role You Play In Your Own Life

Learning to understand the part we play in bringing less than joy, pleasure and abundance into our life seems to be the mother of all lessons. Yes, thanks to all the growth books you have read, and all the tapes you have listened to, and all the seminars and workshops you have attended, you can see how you are responsible for some of your bummers, and strive to change. You have a draw full of receipts to prove how dedicated you are to your growth.

Of course there may be someone or something in your life that for the life of you you cannot accept is also of your doing. You just don1t get what could possibly be the value, purpose and meaning for some miserable person or situation to be in your life. No sweat. Sooner or later you1ll get it. If not this lifetime, then another.

However, you can expedite the process by realizing that as important as it is to accept the part you play in bringing disharmony into your life and learn from it, it is as important for you to take complete and total responsibility for the joys and pleasures you experience in your life, even though it may seem that someone or something should get the credit.

Not to take anything away from the someone or something you feel wonderful towards, but the joys and pleasures you feel are of your doing. The people and situations in your life that you feel joyous and pleasurable towards are a demonstration of the love your have for yourself. You may not remember going around saying,- I love my self, I love myself, I love myself,- but to whatever degree you are accepting, patient, respectful, caring and loving, toward yourself and others, is the degree of joy and pleasure you will experience. It1s cause and effect all over again.

Here is your assignment:
With a ball point pen, draw a happy face on the inside of your thumb. Two dots for the eyes, a smile for the mouth.

Look at your thumb and affirm the following:

Today I Will Be Remember That I Am Really Quite A Find,
And Goodness Returns To Me In Kind.

Look at your thumb during the course of the day. You will trigger a memory of how important it is to realize that your present expressions of love and kindness is the cause to future joys and pleasures. Sounds corny? Sue me.

Should you accept this assignment:

Should you accept this assignment, do not be surprised to find yourself behaving in a more loving and patient way to yourself and others.........without even trying, and experiencing more joy and pleasure than usual......... without even trying.

As a matter of fact, you can expect it!
Wanna bet?

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