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You Are Greater In Consciousness
Then Any Idea Of Fear Or Limitation

When you affirm that you are greater in consciousness than any idea of fear or limitation, you are saying that whatever is absolutely necessary for you to live life fully and completely, doing and being what you love to do and be, you already have. Always had, always will have. An awesome thought to be sure. Too awesome a thought for a mind anchored in finiteness, and too easily dismissed as unrealistic.

Becoming unanchored from finite thought does not come about by diet, potions, lotions, bottled water, lucky charms, or shleping to some far-off vortex. It was thinking that accepted finite concepts in the first place and it is thinking that dislodges finite concepts. It is thinking about the absurdity of ever believing that you are not greater in consciousness than any idea of fear or limitation that is lethal to finite thought. (The energy of absurdity is very powerful stuff.) And sooner rather than later you will no longer accept that you are not greater in conscousness than any idea of fear or limitation.

Here is your assignment:
With a ball point pen, draw a happy face on the inside of your thumb.
Two dots for the eyes, a smile for the mouth.

Look at your thumb and with as much conviction as you can muster, affirm the following:


Refresh your memory with the above affirmation every morning and as you replace a fading happy face on your thumb. It is important that you continue with previous weeks exercises for effectively dehypnotizing yourself from superstitious nonsense that keeps you from flying to infinity and beyond. All exercises are designed to support the absurdity of a finite consciousness.

Glance at your thumb during the course of the day. You will trigger a responce from your inner most thoughts of either, NO WAY JOSE'!, or, OF COURSE! A response of, OF COURSE, means you are successfull in seeing the absurdity of finite thinking and more accepting of your inifinte nature. You're cookin'.

A response of, NO WAY!, means you are not sufficiantly convinced that you are indeed greater in consciousness than any idea of fear or limitation. No sweat. Just think about it more. Investigate the notion more. Meditate on the idea more. Don't forget, you're dealing with a tenacious habit fixated on finite condioning that is intent on being a part of you forever. However, since the truth is that you are greater in consciousness than any idea of fear or limitation, the truth will out. And that truth includes that your tenacity is also greater than any tenacious limitation. The distance from, NO WAY to OF COURSE, is determined by your tenacity to be anchored in the truth. And the knowing of the truth is your ticket to greater freedom Wanna bet?

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