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Exploring The Infinite

If all religions and/or spiritual philosophies agreed on all points there would only be one religion/spiritual philosophy. (And a lot less wars and suffering?) Well, it's obvious we are far from everyone agreeing about, god, nature, origin of the species, destiny and purpose of man/womankind, values, diet, rock and roll and......whatever.

However, there is agreement that we are made in the image and likeness of God. Does that mean we possess qualities of our creator much like any living object possess qualities of their creator?

    After all, a chick has the qualities of a chicken and the potential to evolve into a full blown chicken.

    A seedling has the qualities of that which birthed it and the potential to evolve into a full blown apple, or orange, or corn stalk, or oak tree, or........ whatever.

Do you and I possess the essence of our creator, and the potential to express god-like qualities?

Do we have traits of a potentially limitless nature already resident within us?

Are we really an expression of an infinite power (that is usually called God)?

And is that infinite power part of who you and I are, with the natural creative ability to live life joyfully and abundantly all of the time?

Me thinks so. What do ye thinks?

Do we not sometimes disguise (to avoid controversy) the concept of 'god-like self' and call it 'unlimited potential'? Surely you were told, or heard, this thing called 'unlimited potential'. Whenever you read a self-help book, or take a self-improvement seminar, or look for inspiration from some sage or writings, you are in a sense acknowledging there is more to you than is being realized. You are exploring ways to realize more of the dormant potential you feel you have. Hey, that feeling is not chopped liver. That feeling is your god-like self urging you to go beyond your self-imposed limitations. That feeling is saying:

"You are infinitely more than you think you are, Get with the program."

It is a signal to you that you have not reached the limits of your potential. That feeling will gnaw at you until you release more of that potential for experiencing the 'moreness' of life.

What are the limits to one's potential? Me thinks none. What do ye thinks?


So, how come with all this infinite power, this 'unlimited potential', struggle, lack, and frustration occur at times, so how come?


Because.....we are creatures of habit, that's how come. What? Huh? Yup, creatures of habit. Lack is a habit. Struggle is a habit. Frustration is a habit. Through conditioning we habitually think of ourselves in finite terms. Thinking in finite terms, to whatever degree, limits choices in life. Finite thinking is a hard core hypnotically held habit of being convinced of one's finite, limited nature. Great visionaries and thinkers do not suffer from finite thinking. They aretoo busy exploring their infinite nature and making great contributions to all of creation.

Finite thinkers, to whatever degree, also express aspects of their infinite nature in ways they may not fully understand. After all, with habitual finite thinking you can be just as assured there are infinite ways to demonstrate struggle, lack and frustration as there are infinite ways to prosper and thrive in every area of life. It's like there are infinite ways to demonstrate limitation.

To access more of your limitless god-like nature in less limiting ways you first gotta really realize/believe you are not apart from the infinite source that created you, but rather a part of the infinite source that created you. Much like the branch is a part of....not apart from....the tree, and the wave is part of....not apart from....the ocean.

Great discoveries, great successes and great inventions are made by those who do not confine themselves to finite thinking. That's what makes them great. Narrow-minded finite thinking is really boring......and contributes zilch.

The potential of your god-like nature includes the patience of a saint, the wisdom of the most wise, and creativity and intelligence beyond finite comprehension. However, you only access what you have a habit of accessing.

Look, you are not all of God, but God is all of you. You are made of 100% pure God. Could not possibly be otherwise. An indication of not being fully convinced of your god-like nature manifests itself as conditions and people in your life that you feel victimized by. A habit of bitching, moaning, and complaining about someone or something as being responsible for your lack of peace, joy, success, and fulfillment in any way does not and can not access the full god-like potential that is the truth of your being.

Repetition of affirmations and positive thoughts that in your heart of hearts you do not really believe as valid only reinforces finite ideas you really do believe.

Be aware that the more you are consciously identifying with your infinite god-self, the more that Self takes you over and automatically guides and directs you to experiences of greater success and joy.

Get it? Got it? Good!

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