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Got Conviction?

Years ago I purchased a widget called a 'Hide-a-key',” a business card size black metal box to keep an extra car key. Attached to the metal box is a magnet. Attaching the ‘Hide-a-key’ with the extra car key............ to the underside of the car bumper or fender would not lock me out of my car in case I locked myself out of my car.

No panic, there is an extra key in the 'Hide-a-key' box. Whew! What a relief, I thought. I don't have to worry about locking myself out of my car. Good thing to have...... just in case.

Now, up until that time, and having been a driver for many years, I never, ever locked myself out of my car. Never! Ever! I never even entertained the thought of possibly locking myself out of my car,

Shortly after I bought that sucker...I locked myself out of my car at least twice a month.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the mind will achieve".
Napoleon Hill 1883-1970

To experience the 'more ness' of life, more joy, more peace of mind, more success, more happiness, more creativity, more harmony, more trust, more courage, more hope, more love, more live enhancing ideas and opportunities, more of the 'delicious' stuff in life............requires two things.

#1 - A concept, an idea, a suggestion, a thought to consider that implies that the 'more ness' of life that you desire is available to you. Unless the mind is aware of ideas that consider the possibility of experiencing the 'more ness' of life that you desire, it will only consider the impossibility of experiencing the 'more ness' of life that you desire. The mind only knows what you allow it to know, and can only create your quality of life out of what it knows.

#2 - An absolute conviction,(a.k.a. 'core belief'), that experiencing the 'more ness' in life IS as much of a certainty as anything you have ever been certain of. As certain as whatever letter you type on your keyboard you can expect to be on the screen or paper. Concepts, ideas, thoughts, affirmations, hypnotic suggestions implying that the 'more ness of life is available to you... without your absolute certainty, conviction of its the only reason concepts, ideas, thoughts, affirmations, hypnotic suggestions of the 'more ness' of life are not realized.

Conviction is energy. The invisible energy of being convinced of an idea, a concept, a suggestion only knows how to do one thing and one thing only. That is to create a physical reality that reflects whatever idea, concept, thought; suggestions that you are absolutely certain are true for you. An idea, concept, affirmation, or hypnotic suggestion that is contrary to what you absolutely know is true for you only reinforce what you already believe is true for you.

If you believe you have something to worry about, it is because you are absolutely certain you are unable to overcome your worry. Your mind then, fueled by your conviction, is forced to deny you creative options that are easily available to someone who is convinced of their ability to overcome the same thing you are stymied by.

If your experience less that the 'more ness' you say you believe is available to you, it is because you really do not believe what you think you believe with the conviction that is necessary. It is because the habit of entertaining thoughts of having less than the 'more ness' in life is more convincing more ingrained in your mind. Early conditioning in life of a limiting nature is very powerful to the impressionable immature mind.

Yes, thoughts become form; ask any motivational speaker, philosophical teacher, spiritual guru, biblical scholar, and holistic medical doctor. However, all thoughts you think or give lip service to become form. Only thoughts that you are absolutely certain that are true for you...become people places and things. And the details take care of themselves. The details always take care of themselves. When was the last time you had to work out the details on how to create struggle and frustration in your life?

The details took care of themselves. Without you even trying. That's the phenomenon you are dealing with. I suggest the following idea for you to entertain, think about, contemplate, ponder; Resident within you is nothing less than the infinite presence of your creator. Within your essence is the ability to experience infinite possibilities. There are infinite ways for you to prosper and thrive, being and doing what you love to be and do in the most joyful and delightful ways, as there are infinite ways to suffer and matter what your being and doing.

To choose to prosper and thrive, being and doing what you love to be and do in the most joyful and delightful ways with as much certainty that your choice will be realized as expecting cold water to come out of a water faucet, when you choose cold water, bring about the forms of your convictions. And the details take care of themselves. The details always take care of themselves without you even trying.

Got conviction?

Happy trails,


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