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Relationships Cha, Cha, Cha!

Have you ever found yourself not delighted with someone or some people in your life? Maybe even irritated? Maybe even very irritated? Maybe even________?

Have you ever found yourself in less than loving, accepting and supportive relationship with anyone? Even after trying everything from bending over backwards to ........prayer, the status remains quo. You've done so much bending over backwards and praying you qualify for the Order of Contortionist Monk......or Monk-ess. Well, it might be time to consider a strategy other than what you have been doing. What.....give up prayer?

No, prayer is good. But instead of praying for someone to be kinder and gentler to you, instead of praying for people or someone special to be in your life in a special loving way,.........pray for the wisdom to know what you are doing to attract less than kindly, gentle, loving people or person in your life. Pray for the tenacity to challenge any notion that implies you are not worthy and lovable. Pray for a greater understanding of your magnificence and wonder. Pray to recognize the value, meaning, and purpose of everyone and everything that comes into your life.

Different people in your life are there to remind you of various aspects of yourself. You will find that people treat you the way you treat you. The more irritated you are with yourself, the more you will attract people that live to be irritated with others. If you're on their radar're it. Like bees to honey.

Be more accepting and loving to yourself and more accepting and loving people come into your life. 'Like bees to honey' applies here too. Hey, I didn't make up the rules, that's the way it works. The loving and caring people in your life, those that you feel 'lucky' to have in your life, are in your life because of the love and respect you have for yourself. Not to take anything away from them, but your self-identity is an electromagnetic energy that attracts and repels.

Attracting people that are as accepting of you as you are of yourself, while repelling people that don't accept you. Or, attracting people who criticize you as much as you are self-critical for something or other, while repelling more accepting and more understanding people

Here is your assignment:
With a ball point pen, draw a happy face on the inside of your thumb.Two dots for the eyes, a smile for the mouth.

With as much conviction as you can muster, say the following:


Glancing at your thumb during the course of the day will trigger a memory of the above affirmation. The magnificence of your essence responds very favorably to your awareness of its presence. Although it helps to believe that within you resides the stuff of your creator, it is not necessary. Your frequent recognition of the truth will make a believer out of you.

Should you accept this assignment, don't be surprised to find yourself more patient, more understanding, and more loving to yourself and others, without even trying. Your magnificence does the work. You cannot be aware of your essence without harmony and grace appearing in your life in a greater way. Don't be surprised to find people in your life more appreciative, more caring, and more loving of you than ever before. As a matter of fact, you can expect it. Will they be the same people who are in your life right now? Who knows? Your magnificence will prevail.

Reinforce the above affirmation every morning and as you re-draw a fading happy face on your thumb.

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