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The Baby Eagle And The Chicks

A major Midwestern university did an interesting experiment, They took a baby eagle right from its mother's nest and put it with a bunch of baby chicks. In a short period of time that baby eagle started to peck just like the rest of the chicks.

The baby eagle growing up with the chickens started to jump up and down just like the rest of the chickens. Even though the potential of the eagle to fly and soar like any eagle is already coded in it's genes, all it did was flap it's wings and jump up and down. The eagle, hanging around with all those chickens, thought it was a chicken. The indisputable potential of the eagle
remained dormant, never to be expressed. Bummer!

Not unlike what can happen with us as people species. We have the potential, the stuff already coded in our genes, to live life to the fullest. The potential to express levels of creativity for greater joy, success, and fulfillment, as any other member of our species.

To be 'at least' as fulfilled as the most fulfilled. To be 'at least' as successful as the most successful.

To be 'at least' as talented with our unique gifts as the most uniquely gifted and talented. To be 'at least' as joyful as the most joyful. To be 'at least' as prosperous and abundant, in all ways, as the most prosperous and abundant. And yes, to be 'at least' as enlightened as the most enlightened.

That's not to say you do not have the capacity to go beyond 'at least' to 'more than'. Your capacity to prosper and thrive is a given. Your capacity is beyond your finite comprehension. Your capacity cannot be withheld from you any more than you can un-think a thought.....once thought. You can forget, but it's within the wings ready to go on....just waiting to be remembered.

Who's to say how much of your capacity can be accessed and expressed? Who's to save you from your self-imposed limitations? If not you........who? Indiana Jones? I think not.

Of course, growing up in an environment that expresses varying degrees of, victim, fear, doubt, jealously, inadequacy, blame, limitation in any way,
causes varying degrees of unexpressed greater potential to remain unexpressed - dormant. And, guess what?????? Cluck, cluck! `Bummer, bummer

Here is your assignment:
With a ball point pen, draw a happy face on the inside of your thumb.Two dots for the eyes, a smile for the mouth.

With as much conviction as you can muster, say the following:


Glancing at your thumb during the course of the day will trigger a memory of the above affirmation. Any limiting belief that keeps you from realizing the 'moreness' of your true nature, you innate potential now vulnerable. Your ability to fly over obstacles and barriers to more of the 'moreness' of life is acknowledged......... ......and........ready for action.

Just spread the wings inside your mind, that's all it takes to fly. Should you accept this assignment, don't be surprised to find that your ability to be aware of the ways and the means for greater life-enhancement is more readily made known to you. As a matter of fact, you can expect it.

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