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Affirmations l

Yes, affirmations really do work...even when they seem not to work. If, on one hand, you are reciting affirmations like;


And on the other hand if you have a habit of bitching and moaning about someone or something, don't be surprised to find yourself in less than desirable circumstances. Because when you habitually bitch and moan about someone or something you are affirming you are a helpless victim of people and circumstances, thereby causing recurring experiences for you to feel like a helpless victim. Hey, I didn't make up the rules, that's just the way it is.

Conversely, if you have a habit of being patient, forgiving understanding, loving, kind and accepting of others...and yourself, don't be surprised to find yourself in the desirable circumstances that are not available to them that habitually bitch and moan. That's because you are affirming with your behavior that you are a greater expression of your limitless creative nature than them that habitually bitch and moan. And that's without an ?affirmation card' on the refrigerator door.

What are you habitually affirming with your behavior?

That's the affirmation that is working for you. It's a habit.

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