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Gail R. Mitchell is the creator of Empowering Caregivers and the founder and former President of the National Organization For Empowering Caregivers ( ). Gail leads seminars and support groups offline as well. She is a consultant to several sites on the Internet and for Caregiving oriented programs offline.

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Articles And Inspiration By Gail
Journal Exercises For Caregivers

Let Your Voice Be Heard
Your Thyroid
State Ombudsmen
Discounted Prescription Cards
Cash & Counseling: Consumer Choices, Family Reimbursements
Grandparent Caregivers: Raising Children
Grandparents Are Taking Care Of Grandchildren
Grandparenting Books
Grandparents and Social Security
Thoughts On War
Coming Out Of Your Cocoon
Conscious Choices For Aging With Grace
Daily Resolutions Or New Years?
Creating Rituals During The Holidays

Treating Symptoms, Not The Causes
How Are You Doing?
Overcoming Fear

Thoughts Of Peace From September 11, 2001
Empowering Caregivers
Having Faith
More On Isolation And Your Return Into The Real World
On Palliative Care & End-Of-Life Issues
Seasons Greetings To Everyone
Mindfulness and Love In Your Role As A Caregiver
Staying Informed & Making Informed Decisions
Maintaining Independence For Carerecipient & Yourself
For New Caregivers
Getting Comfortable As A Caregiver In Your New Role
Yoga, Body, Mind And Spirit
Services Available For Children, Adults, And Elderly
Daily Resolutions or New Years
Communications With Your Loved One: Part 1
Communications With Your Loved One: Part ll
"Sandwiched Generation" Caregiver
"Live As If You Were To Die Tomorrow"
Role Of A Caregiver Is No Accident
Benefits Of Pets In Healing
Moving Beyond Appearance
Joy Of Reading Through Large Print Books & Audios
Ideas For Mother's Day
Caregiver Burnout
Introduction To The Journal Process
Encouraging The Elderly To Journal And Record Their Memories
The Values of the Internet for the Caregiver
Our Beliefs Are Like Addictions
The Dali Lama in Central Park
The Loss Of My Pet Magi
Coping With Difficult Parents
Side Effects of New Medications
A Lesson in Trust and Faith
Negative Or Positive Choices
Prayer For A Recovery, To No Avail
Stress and Burnout
Season Greetings To Everyone
Family Caregivers Are Given More Than They Can Handle

Decisions On Placing A Loved One
State Agencies For Aging
Legal Terms & Medical Directives
Reaching Out For Support: Releasing Guilt Feelings Inside
Survey From Newsletter Subscribe 12/31/98
Document Locator
For New Caregivers
Carerecipient Profile For All Caregivers
Creating A Safe Home & Home Modification
Hiring Home Care On Your Own - Evaluation
Home Health Care Agency Evaluation
Choosing A Caregiver/Home Care Aid
Directory Of Resources Related To Nursing Homes
Nursing Home Evaluation Check List
Choosing A Nursing Home
Document Locator
Emergency Information
Clinical Trials For Medications, Procedures And More
Information: Document Lists You Will Need As A Caregiver
Finding Money For The Care Your Loved One Needs
2000 Directory of Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs

More About Gail
Articles And Inspiration By Gail
Journal Exercises For Caregivers

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