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Beth Witrogen McLeod is an author, journalist, speaker and consultant on caregiving, end-of-life issues and renewal at midlife, especially for women. Beth is one of our featured experts at the Empowering Caregivers with one of the largest collections of her articles She is a double Pulitzer Prize nominee, and has won many national and regional awards for her work. She has written for Good Housekeeping, SELF, Family Circle, and The Wall Street Journal, among others. Her latest book is Caregiving: The Spiritual Journey of Love, Loss, and Renewal

Getting Elders to Attend Adult Day Care

The Beauty In Caregiving

Caring For An Aging Parent: Did I Do Enough?
Balancing Love, Caregiving And Guilt

Self-Care For Caregivers

Caring for Aging Parents - Excerpt - Chapter 4

Long-Distance Caregiving

Who Are You Going To Call?

Alzheimer's: Dealing With Repetitive Behavior
How To Reassure Them While Preserving Your Equilibrium

Pain And The Elderly

Getting Siblings Involved

Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Aging Parents

Depression In The Caregiver

The Nature Of Loss - Excerpt -Chapter 6
"Caregiving: The Spiritual JourneyOf Love, Loss And Renewal"

Alzheimer's: Dealing With Uncooperativeness And Aggression

Beth's Story: A Caregiver's Diary

Statement To Senators-Part l

Statement To Senators: Part ll

Alzheimer's And Wandering

Caregiving Support Strategies: You Are Not Alone Part l

Caregiving Support Strategies: You Are Not Alone Part ll

About Sue Bender

Caregiving: The Spiritual Journey of Love, Loss, and Renewal

As A Caregiver You May Be At Risk For Depression

Healthy Attitudes: Goodbye Grudge, Hello Good Health

When A Parent Moves In

Questions & Answers

Ram Dass: He Is Still Here

Awakening the Heart

Beth On PBS
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