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For New Board Users

Accessing the message boards, also known as bulletin boards , is a wonderful tool for communicating with others. Following these simple steps will help make your use of them effortless.

Click on the register button.

A new window will come up with our disclaimer/ agreement. Click agree to continue.

A new window will come up. You are required to enter your screename and your password two times and your email address. Type in your appropriate information.

(At this point you are not required to fill anything else in.)

You may choose to scroll down to the next grayed area. Here you may click yes or no to receive emails informing you of special announcements in the forum.

Storing your name enables a cookie to be set. This means that everytime you return to the Empowering Caregivers' Forums/Message Boards, you will not have to re-enter your username and password. Should you choose not to accept the cookie everytime you return you must type your screename and password in so that you may post your topics and messages.

You may choose yes or no to have your email address appear visible to others.

Click on the submit button only once. It takes time to register. Clicking more than once repeats your entry.


After submitting your registration return by clicking on the link to message boards.

At the top of the page you will see a link that says click here to view today's active topics. This will show you where postings were made on that day.

You will notice on the right side under Message Boards that you can change your profile and your preferences by clicking on their respective links. The faq gives you more detailed information about the boards.

The search engine allows you to search for postings made by an individual screename, by topics and keywords.

Each forum is listed in the left column. By clicking on the forum you will be transported to a new window that will reveal all the topics that other members have posted.

The topic of the forum is listed on the top left along with the name of the moderator.

There are folders on the right much like the folders on your hardrive that indicate the forum first, the topic or category second and then the postings inside so that you always know where you are.

Beneath this is a link that you click on to post a new topic if you choose to do so

There is also another link at the bottom of the page that you may click on to post a new topic.

Choose the topic you would like to view by clicking on it. A new window will open up and you will see the following:

At the top you will notice on the left that you can email this page with the postings to a friend if you think that there is something of value that you would like to make them aware of. Just Click on the link.

To the right there are buttons for posting a topic, and for posting a reply. If you choose to reply to the posts as you read through them, please make sure you click on 'post a reply' only.

You may also click on the links to 'next newest topic' or to 'next oldest topic' to take you back and forth in viewing the topics within the forum.

In the body of each post you will notice the following:

Author: name of person who created the email

Date: the date the message was posted

Time: the time the message was posted

ICONS which indicate the following:

Face next to email...click on this to see the profile of the author.

Email.....click on this to send an email to the author of the post.

Pencil & paper....click on this to edit your own message or delete it. You can only edit and delete your own message.

Paper & arrow....if you want to reply with a quote

Take your time familiarizing yourself. It is very user friendly. We hope you find that the boards are a way of enhancing your role as a caregiver.

For more information please go to the FAQ at the top of each page or contact the

© Copyright 1998 - 2009 by Gail R. Mitchell.
click here to visit the Messageboardclick here to visit the Community room

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