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A compilation of Serena Crosslyn

He Big Man

A little girl so small and shy,
Afraid of many men
Responded to a big man's touch,
Seeing tenderness within.
He was quite a tall man
With a voice deep and gruff,
Yet a smile and outstretched hand
For that child was enough.
She saw beyond the shadow
That towered oft so high
While he found the little smile
She'd hidden in her eyes.
From then on they shared a bond
Each time they shared a grin;
The little girl once full of fear
Became the big man's friend.

c) Serena Crosslyn 1998

Mini Inspirations

Thank you......
Your love spoke loudly in every silent gesture.
Thank you for understanding no words could 've helped my pain.
But love-- now love can overcome great obstacles.
Thank you for being there to help me overcome.

Unfortunately in life there's losing
In losing there is pain.
My heart meets yours in sorrow
Until smiles can come again.

c) Serena Crosslyn 1991

A Journal Moment

I sit here in the sleeping stillness
With others all around,
And as I sit I am aware of
The tears that are flowing down.
Why they fall, I'm not sure,
Or when that they will cease.
There's just so much I'm feeling-
Guess it's just my way of release.
I know I'm blessed, yet I am sad-
My mind's filled to the brim.
I push these things aside all day,
No time to dwell on them.
Then darkness overtakes the light
Familiar sounds are silent,
So the enemy of thought sneaks out--
Oh why must it be so quiet??

c) Serena Crosslyn 1990

Dear God

What would I do without you,
You're so constant and so true.
You know all that's in my heart,
And the struggles pulling me apart.
Please Father, please take them away,
I can't handle them another day.
I feel so selfish and so alone,
I wish all the sorrow and pain were gone.
Lord, give me the strength I need today,
Send me the words I need to say.
Lift me up, God, to start again
In the name of your Jesus I pray,

c) Serena Crosslyn 1978


Thank you, Jesus
Thank you, Jesus, for dying for me,
So that I might live.
Thank you, Jesus, for setting me free
By love you freely give.

Thank you, Jesus, for raising up
And leaving death's cold tomb,
Thank you for making a way for
Sinners like me to come home.

Thank you, Jesus for blessing me
With more than I deserve;
Thank you for the saving grace
I have when I leave this earth.

c) Serena Crosslyn 1977

Angel' Heart:

I look at you, but I don't cry
Tho' I'm so afraid you're going to die
I watch each breath your tiny body takes
I watch your struggle-my own heart breaks.

You're much too small - this cross to bear
I pray God guides me in your care.
You smile at me - so pure and sweet
Love fills my heart with every beat.

I'd take your place, if I only could
I'd give my own life -please know I would
But all I can do is beg you to fight
I know it's hard - but please, Baby, try.

c) Dec. 1980 Serena Crosslyn

For You, My First

You are all grown up, my Precious
Though I can't believe it's true;
It seems like only yesterday
That my arms first held you.
The first sweet baby to fill my womb,
The first to flutter deep inside,
The first to meet your happy mommy
And fill my heart with pride,
The first to cuddle as we rocked
Until you fell asleep,
The first to say your little prayer
And ask your soul to keep.
You were the first to say my name,
The first to kiss goodnight,
The first to teach so many things
And always get them right.
The first to tach me many lessons
With the wisdom of a child,
The first to make things brighter
Just by giving me a smile.
The first to learn your ABC's,
And learn your colors, too,
The first to hug and kiss good-by
And bravely go to school,
The first to date, and graduate
Then be a college girl,
The first to move away from home
Outside of Mama's world.
Now the first to pledge your heart
And give it to another,
Please know how proud I am of you,
How blessed to be your mother.

c) 2000 Serena Crosslyn

What Love Costs

Dear God, I know you're perfect
And you keep us in your care,
That you promised not to ask us
To endure what we can't bear.
So I'm having trouble understanding--
Lord, I think there's someting wrong,
Because this load just feels too heavy
And I'm too tired to be that strong.
I try so hard from day to day
To meet each painful loss--
But the price just climbs higher;
Just how much will loving cost?

Dear Child, please listen to me;
It's true there's something wrong.
I told you that you could endure,
But I did not say you would alone.
I didn't say it would be easy
Or that life would hold no pain;
I just promised to see you through it
Each time that you called my name.
And dear one, I know very well
Just how much that loving costs--
Because I've lost and know the pain;
That was my child on the cross.

c)1980 Serena Crosslyn

A Child's Sight

Bless the eyes, dear Lord, I pray
The ones that sparkle at me today.
Heal them, Father, with your care
Before they hold a blinded stare.
Keep them big and round and bright,
Please I beg, protect her sight.
She's just a little girl, you know
With hopes and dreams of where she'll go,
All the things she wants to see,
And when she's grown, what she'll be.
Forgive if this prayer's a selfish one,
Teaching us how to be strong.
And if indeed her sight departs--
Keep her seeing you in her heart.

c) 1998 Serena Crosslyn

A Mother's Heart

A mother's heart is so complex
That loving simply is reflex.
It loves until it almost bursts.
It can cherish even the pain of birth.
It feels the joy in every smile;
It makes ordinary be worthwhile.
It never stops, come what may--
A mother's heart is there always.
It boasts, it hurts, it laughs, it cries,
But never, ever, does it die.
God's design unlike any other
Is the heart that's only found in Mothers.

c) 1998 Serena Crosslyn

The next one was written by one daughter at age 11, when we lost the foster child that was and will always be our youngest child. The loss of a child affects not just the parents but the siblings that have invested their heart and soul in loving something that is taken away.

A Kiss

When she wakes up in the morning and has a happy grin,
Blow her a kiss for me, Lord, and let her feel it within.

When she's walking all alone, with no one by her to stand
Blow her a kiss for me, Lord, softly on her cheek to land.

When she's playing outside and she falls on her knees
Blow her a kiss for me, Lord, and let her crying cease.

When she's sick and she needs someone to hold,
Blow her a kiss for me, Lord, and let it heal her cold.

When she's ready for bed and lays her head down
Blow her a kiss for me, Lord; let it her heart surround.

When she's saying her little prayers, wondering if I care,
Blow her a kiss for me, Lord, to show I love her anywhere.

c) 1998 Skye

Serena Crosslyn

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