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4 Ways in which you can Achieve Your Goals Better

One of the most important skills we can ever develop in life is the ability to achieve our Dreams, Goals and Aspirations. In this brief article we will explore four methods that incredibly successful people such as Richard Branson, Bruce Lee and Helen Keller have used to achieve their Goals. We will also briefly explore how you can use these same principles to achieve amazing results in your own life.

1. Get the basics right In sports it is a well-known fact, that the greater your mastery of the basics, the better you will be at that sport. In fact, mastery of the basics, is often the key factor that separates great sportsman, from average sportsman. Imagine a champion soccer player who can't aim the ball properly, or a basketball player who misses the hoop. They just wouldn't make the team.

Similarly in everyday life, we need to pay attention to the basics of whatever we are doing. We need to ensure that we have a strong mastery of the fundamentals. We need to be ready for the opportunities that life brings us, so that when our time comes, we don't miss our shot.

2. Strive to be the Master The great martial Artist Bruce Lee was a master of almost every fighting style of his day. Not only did he study the traditional martial arts such as Wing Chun - Kung Fu, but he also studied western fighting styles such as boxing and fencing. Bruce Lee was always striving to become the best in his field. He would put in whatever effort it took, and do whatever he needed to do, to become the best.

Similarly if we want to become brilliant at something, we need to strive to become the best in our field. We need to observe what the masters are doing and imitate them. We need to be committed to continuous improvement. We need to make mastery our passion and focus.

3. Grow in Increments It is easier to walk 10 feet, than it is to jump 10 feet. Almost all super-achievers developed their success one step at a time. Richard Branson the British business giant started out with a student magazine. He then progressed to a mail order music business. Later he opened a record shop and then a recording company. He continued along this line, until he had created one of the largest business empires in Britain.

When we think about this, it becomes apparent, that the path to greatness is completed one step at a time. We generally grow more when we take baby steps, than when we try to take giant leaps.

4. No Matter what continue Helen Keller lost her sight and hearing whilst still a young child. But this didn't stop her from becoming world famous. In spite of her severe handicap, she continued, and learnt to speak audibly and hear by means of letters drawn on her hands. She continued to persist and completed a university degree, before becoming a noted author. Helen Keller is the world's greatest example of the power of persistence!

No matter what, we need to cultivate the habit of persisting through trials -- of starting again after setbacks and using our failures as, an education for success. We need to remember that more than anything else - persistence is the master key, that separates the "haves" from the "have Nots". Conclusion It is said that the true secret of achieving more is to work smarter and not harder. In this brief article we have highlighted 4 very simple, yet very smart approaches that have been key in helping incredibly successful people such as Richard Branson, Bruce Lee and Helen Keller to achieve their goals.

And as these principles have helped these incredibly successful people to achieve more, so they will help you to release the power and Greatness that lives within you!

In Everything Truth, Faith and Love
Destin and Trei

Copyright (c) 2003 http://www.dawningtruth.com
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David Lucas
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Web Site: www.dawningtruth.com/innersecrets.htm

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