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A Salute to the Caregivers of America
12/30/2001 Patti St. Clair
The events that occurred on September 11, 2001 has shaken this country to its core. This author discusses the effect of this tradgedy on caregivers.
A Silent Crisis: Working Caregivers Are Begging For Help
12/19/2005 Dr. Gema Hernández, Aging & Cultural Consultants, Inc. Access Ready: Communities for Life program
Few companies realize the implications working caregivers have on their internal costs and their bottom line. The rewards are there for companies that provide assistance to the working caregivers.
A Suggestion For Caregivers: Treat The Other As The Equal He Or She Is
10/05/2004 James Miller
The author discusses and provides helpful suggestions for Caregivers in regards to treatment of the individual in their care.
A Tail Of Love
01/01/2000 Patti St. Clair
The finally weeks of a dog's owner caring for her mother will inspire and touch you.
A True Perfectionist
09/18/2002 Alan Cohen
The author discusses what it is to be a perfectionist.
A Vision for the Future
10/23/2004 Nisandeh Neta, Inspiration2go
We're living in an exciting period. Human consciousness is expanding so fast that the future is no longer predictable.
A Visit to My Mother
06/04/2002 Robert A. Leon
The author reflects on caring for his mother and how she had cared for him.
About Sue Bender: Plain and Simple and Everyday Sacred
01/01/2000 Beth Witrogen Mcleod
Learn about Sue Bender and her trilogy of books, from Plan and Simple and Everyday Sacred to Stretching Lessons: The Daring That Starts From Within.
ACP Home Care Guide for Advanced Cancer Caregiving
08/01/2003 American College of Physicians
This guide helps guide caregivers in solving problems that come from advanced cancer.
Adult Day Care: One Form of Respite for Older Adults
04/20/2002 Terri Whirrett
Adult day care centers, also known as adult day services, have been providing a form of respite for caregivers for more than twenty years. Learn more about this form of respite and what you need to know before placing your loved one in a program.
Adult Day Centers: A Viable Alternative to Nursing Homes
10/11/2004 Risa Levovsky
Benefits of adult day care / respite services for the caregiver and their loved ones they care for.
Adult Daycare
01/01/2000 Beth Witrogen Mcleod
Learn about the types of adult daycare and the best way to find an adult daycare facility Learn if adult daycare is right for you and your loved one.
Advance Directives for Medical Care
09/06/1999 Health Care Financing Administration
Information on advanced directives, living wills, power of attorney and more.
Affirmations l
07/12/2004 Harvey Cohen, aaaha
The author persuades us to overcome our fears and start believing in ourselves. This belief will help us overcome our limitations and lead a prosperous life.
Affirmations ll
07/12/2004 Harvey Cohen, aaaha
Your wellness comes from your belief in yourself. One must realize how greate he or she is and overcome the limitations imposed by the surroundings.

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