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A Congruency Model Aligning the Whole You - PART I
01/20/2000 John Felitto
Give yourself a break and use this model to align yourself with your intentions.
A Congruency Model Aligning the Whole You - Part II
01/20/2000 John Felitto
Give yourself a break and use this model to align yourself with your intentions.
A Difficult Decision
01/24/2005 Paulette Kaufman, Keswick Pines
This article recounts the experience of the author's decision to place her mother in an assisted living facility, and the pain involved in making that decision.
A Final Resting Place
08/01/2000 Shaywardncr
The author discusses the final resting place for her husband while dealing with feelings and family situations.
A Lesson in Trust and Faith
04/01/1999 Gail Mitchell, Empowering Caregivers
Through her experience with her beloved pet, Magi, the author learned lessons in trust and faith in addition to some alternative medicine treatments for both animals and humans.
A Lewy Body patient
12/16/2005 Shirley Lay
This article describes Lewy Body symptoms from a patient's point of view. It describes what life is like when your abilities, like your sight, are constantly changing.
A Moment In Time
11/01/2000 Rev. Edie Weinstein-Moser, MSW, Live InJoy
Is it true that love ones never leave us, while they are not physically present, the essence of who they are remains in our hearts forever. This author discusses her moment in time.
A Most Powerful Prayer
08/01/2002 Alan Cohen
Our love of God is not measured by the rituals we do or the forms we create, but by the intentions of our heart. We may lead a busy lifestyle, but if our soul is connected with Spirit our daily activities become communion.
A Mother's Love Knows No Bounds
01/15/2002 Mary Ann Evans
A mother caring for a child is a natural instinct. This author describes her feelings and situation in caregiving for her mother.
A New Year's Resolution: YES or NO?
12/27/2003 Dave Turo-Shields, CounselingPros.com, Inc.
A Guide To Assist In Knowing When It's Time For A Change
A Perfect Match
05/31/2003 Alan Cohen
This article shows the value of things which cannot taken by force and allowed to open on their own
A Primer on Reverse Mortgages: First Installment
06/22/2004 Dennis Haber, Esq CSA
The author discusses why a reverse mortgage should be a potent weapon in your problem solving arsenal. The second part tackles the specific features and requirements indigenous to reverse mortgages.
A Primer on Reverse Mortgages: Second Installment
06/22/2004 Dennis Haber, Esq CSA
This installment will separate reverse mortgage fact from fiction. The purpose of this installment is to provide a solid foundation for seniors and their representatives to make the best decision possible.
A real-life story: 'if you have to, you can do anything. You truly can.'
12/16/2005 Serena C.
'If anyone had told me that by the age of 30 Id have survived 2 abusive marriages, mothered 5 children abandoned to raise them alone, had a child with an incurable heart disease, raised another child from birth for 4.5 years before I lost her..'
11/11/2009 Stanley Popovich, www.managingfear.com
Some people have a difficult time in managing their depression. Sometimes, their depression and fears can get the best of them. As a result, here is a short list of techniques that a person can use to help manage their depression.

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