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1 Universal Problem 1 Wrong Answer
11/07/2003 Hugh Marriott, Polperro Heritage Press
The author begins to support caregivers in thinking more about themselves if they are entrenched as a carer..
10 Steps To Grieving The Loss Of A Parent
04/22/2002 Alexandra Kennedy
A parent's death can shatter us, leaving lifetime scars, or it can shatter our limits sense of our selves, opening up our world into new dimensions.
1999-2000 Directory of Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs
02/01/2000 Gail Mitchell, Empowering Caregivers
A directory of company programs that provide prescription drugs to physicians whose patients could not otherwise afford them.
2000 Directory of Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs
12/01/2000 Gail Mitchell, Empowering Caregivers
A directory of company programs that provide prescription drugs to physicians whose patients could not otherwise afford them.
4 Ways in which you can Achieve Your Goals Better
12/08/2003 David Lucas, www.DawningTruth.com
In this brief article we will explore How to Achieve your Goals better using the Real-World proven Wisdom of Richard Branson, Bruce Lee & Helen Keller.
A Breast Cancer Survivor
08/08/2003 Pat Webster, Caregivers World, Inc.
A breast cancer survivor talks about living with and surviving breast cancer.
A Breathing Exercise to Free Yourself from Anger
04/20/2000 Dennis Lewis
Learn how to free yourself from anger through a combination of special awareness and breathing practices.
A Call To Action
07/05/2004 Dr. Gema Hernández, Aging & Cultural Consultants, Inc. Access Ready: Communities for Life program
Dr. Hernández describes what Consumer Directed Care is about and how it could support caregivers who are caring for loved ones at home. This is an issue caregivers need to understand in order to better advocate for themselves.
A Caregiver
01/11/2001 Patti St. Clair
A lot has been written about the holiday season as it pertains to caregivers and those who have had recent losses in their families. The author writes that a loss doesn’t need to be recent to be painful & talks about her emotions after losing her mother.
A Caregiver
04/01/2000 Beth Witrogen Mcleod
Taking care of an aging parent can cause fatigue, stress, even depression. This author gives her detailed account of cargiving for her elderly parent.
A Caring Response: An Aid's Related Death
07/11/2003 National Funeral Directors Association
AIDS, or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is a disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that destroys the body's natural ability to fight illness.
A Closely Guarded But Deadly Secret Every Caregiver MUST Know
05/31/2004 Dr. David Nganele Ph.D., MBA, Solutions To Healthcare
The author discusses mistakes that doctors and pharmacists make in prescribing medications and things you can do to prevent these medication errors from occurring to your loved one or to yourself.
A Compilation of Harvey Cohen
12/30/2005 Harvey Cohen, aaaha
This compilation includes 5 articles by Harvey Cohen about realising the potential you have got as a person, believing in yourself, etc.
A compilation of Serena Crosslyn
01/23/2006 Serena Crosslyn
A compilation of inspirational poems by Serena Crosslyn, and one written her 11-year old daughter.
A Complete Genius
07/12/2004 Alan Cohen
We perceive people the way we want to, so let us concentrate on their good side and let them enter our world as geniuses rather than dummies.

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